Consent Decree Checklist

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Consent Decree Checklist

United States v. ______________________________________________________
Civil Action No. ______________________________________________________


Negotiations commenced________________________
CIS and judgment filed with Court ________________________
Send letter to Defense counsel reminding them of 16(g) filing requirement ________________________
CIS and judgment lodged with the Federal Register ________________________
Published in the Federal Register ________________________
Newspaper publications and dates ________________________
Washington Post or Washington Times ________________________
District newspaper ________________________
Other newspapers ________________________
Final date for comments ________________________
Comments (Yes or No) ________________________
Responses (Yes or No) ________________________
Published comments & responses in the Federal Register ________________________
Filed comments & responses with Court ________________________
Defendant statement of communications filed with Court ________________________
Compliance with APPA completed ________________________
Certificate of Compliance and Motion for Entry of Judgment filed ________________________
Date judgment entered ________________________
Updated June 25, 2015

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