Current FTEs By Category And Projects

Current FTEs by category and projects
Category Current FTEs Projects JDE today
JDE at industry R&D average*
Industry best practice
Quality assurance maintenance and other development 286• Quality assurance/maintenance 513920-30 (Handwritten note: Best Practice)
210• Documentation, translation

17• Other development
Modifications needed to remain competitive 32• HRM/payroll enhancements 221725-35
52• Services, financial, globalization, and SCE strategic enhancements
5• Knowledge management
132• B9 strategic enhancements
New functionality expected by industries 19• CFIG Automotive 172420-25
13• CFIG manufacturing
12• Advanced order configurator
6• Enterprise asset management
83• Advanced planning
Investing in the future 24• Project Donut 101920-25
43• XPI applications
12• Advanced planning (discrete manufacturing)
18• XPI tools
Arrow pointing rightHow can JD Edwards reduce the 500 QA resources to the best-practice of 20-30% of R&D?

* Reallocated new resources to new product development

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Updated August 14, 2015

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