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Current Issues In Merger Enforcement : Thoughts On Theory, Litigation Practice, And Retrospectives - Description Of Figure 2 - Household Laundry Equipment Manufacturing

Figure 2, labeled "Household Laundry Equipment Manufacturing," shows a graph comparing Household Laundry Equipment wholesale prices and materials input costs across time. The vertical axis is labeled "Normalized Price/Cost Index" and contains figures from 0.6 to 1.4, with the middle and beginning point in the graph labeled 1.0. The horizontal axis is labeled from the period 1998 to June 2008. A vertical red line represents the acquisition of Maytag by Whirlpool in March 2006. A black line, representing wholesale prices, is relatively constant around the 1.0 value on the vertical axis and reflects that wholesale prices have declined 1.7% since the acquisition. A gray line, representing costs, rises gradually past the 1.2 value on the vertical axis and reflects that costs have risen roughly 26% since the acquisition.

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Updated August 24, 2015