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   PhD Decision Sciences,
   Stanford University

   MA in Economics,
   Stanford University

   AB Applied Mathematics,
   Harvard University


   Washington, DC






Vertical line David Reitman specializes in antitrust and industrial organization economics. Prior to joining CRA, Dr. Reitman was an economist in the Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice (DOJ) where he worked on a wide range of monopolization and merger cases. He has also been on the faculty at Ohio State University and UCLA. Dr. Reitman has published papers on a variety of industrial organization topics in leading journals such as The American Economics Review and The Journal of Law and Economics.

Dr. Reitman痴 experience includes the following:

  • He was the testifying economist for the plaintiff in US v. Dentsply (2002), an exclusive dealing case brought successfully by the DOJ. Dr. Reitman provided testimony on all aspects of the case, including market definition, monopoly power, anticompetitive effects, and business justifications.
  • He has provided litigation support and assisted in preparing economic reports and testimony in other merger and monopolization cases brought by the DOJ.
  • He has provided economic analysis for a wide range of merger investigations before the Antitrust Division. While participating in all aspects of the analysis, his focus has been on predicting competitive effects, particularly in markets with special features such as spatial competition, bid markets, and durable goods, and in estimating effects using sales, survey, or scanner data.
  • He has analyzed numerous monopolization practices such as predation, loyalty discounts, exclusive dealing, and other vertical restrictions. These monopolization inquiries covered a range of industries including airlines, electronic payment markets, computer hardware and software, and health care products and services.

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