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Delivering Personal Broadband And The Mobile Internet : Description Of The "Clearwire European Spectrum Holdings" Map Shown On Slide 10

Clearwire European Spectrum Holdings

A map of Europe showing Clearwire European spectrum holdings by operating markets and markets in development. The spectrum includes owned, leased and pending acquisitions. The spectrum depth range from 12 MHz to 195 MHz.

Operating markets:

  1. Ireland
    • 85MHz of spectrum covering 1.5MM people
    • Currently operating in Dublin
  2. Belgium
    • 100MHz of spectrum covering 10.4MM people
    • Currently operating in Brussels and Ghent
  3. Denmark
    • 100MHz of spectrum covering 5.4MM people
    • In partnership with Danske Telecomm
  4. Spain
    • 40MHz of spectrum covering 45.1MM people
    • Currently operating in Seville

Markets in development:

  1. Germany
    • 42MHz of spectrum covering 82.5MM people
  2. Poland
    • 28MHz of spectrum covering 38.1MM people
  3. Romania
    • 56MHz of spectrum covering 21.6MM people

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Updated June 25, 2015