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Delivering Personal Broadband And The Mobile Internet : Description Of The "WiMAX-Disruptive Across Converging Technologies" Table Shown On Slide 13

WiMAX-Disruptive Across Converging Technologies

A table showing different technologies listed from a low narrowband to a high broadband in different types of coverage areas. The technologies are shown in the table below. The approximate location within the band (low, medium, high) is shown in parenthesis.

  Typical User Data Rate
Narrowband Broadband
Fixed Dial-up (low), Satellite (high) Satellite (low), "1G" MMDS (medium), Cable/DSL (medium/high), LMDS (high)
Local Area - Bluetooth (low/medium), Public Wi-Fi (medium/high)
Wide Area / Mobile 1G (low), 2.5G (medium/high), 3G (high) 3G (low)

WiMax is shown as a declining line starting at the high section of the Local Area Broadband, going across the medium/high Wide Area / Mobile Narrowband, ending at the low Wide Area / Mobile Narrowband.

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Updated June 25, 2015