Digest Of Business Reviews Association/Company Index 1968-2015

For each association or company, this index provides a list of business review letters in chronological order by date issued. The first two numbers in each index entry refer to the year that the business review letter was issued.

The index provides links to business review letters issued from 1992 to 2015. For information on business review letters issued before 1992, contact the Antitrust Documents Group.

3G Patent Platform Partnership 02-4
AHA Pharmaceutical Roundtable 98-5
Akutan Catcher Vessel Association 00-3
AMF, Inc. 73-5
Apparel Industry Partnership 00-6
Arctic Enterprise Association 00-9
ASTA Marketing Services, Inc. 80-16; 82-15
Accurate Set, Inc. 73-7
Acme United Corporation/ Scott & Fetzer Co. 84-7
Adam Wuest, Inc./ Dixie Bedding Co./ National Bedding and Furniture Industries, Inc. 72-9; 76-20
Admiral Corporation/ RCA 71-6
Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC) 07-3
Advanced Reactor Corporation 92-5
AdviNet, Inc. 95-7
Aerovox Industries, Inc./ Universal Manufacturing Corporation/ Mallory Capacitor Company/ Jard Company, Inc./ Electrical Utilities Company, Inc./ Cornell Dubilier Electric Corporation
Affiliated Distributors 92-2
Agrico Chemical Co./ AMAX Chemical Company/ Freeport Phosphate Rock Company/ Gardinier, Inc./ International Minerals and Chemical Corp./ Mobil Chemical Company/ W.R. Grace & Co./ World Phosphate Institute
Airlines Reporting Corporation 84-19
AirPlus 93-2
Air Transport Association of America 86-3
Alaska Draggers Association, Inc. 87-5
Alaska Mutual Savings Bank/ Alaska Pacific Bank 75-10
Alcan Aluminum Corp./ Revere Copper and Brass Inc. 77-26
Alco Standard Corp./ Avnet, Inc. 76-17
Allergy & Asthma Consultants, Inc. 96-8
Allied Colon and Rectal Specialists 96-16
Allis-Chalmers Corporation, et al. 76-1
Amer-Asia Consultants 70-11
American Association of Ophthalmology 79-11
American Association of Publishers 77-19
American Consumers, Inc. 85-15
American Cyanamid Co./ Patent Chemicals, Inc./ Synthetic Chemicals,Inc. 68-14
American Export Lines, Inc./ Farrell Lines,Inc. 77-30
American Finance System, Inc./ Beneficial Corp. 76-8
American Furniture Manufacturers Association 87-15
American Heart Association 89-4
American Hospital Association/ American Medical Association/ Federation of American Hospitals
American Importers Association Inc. 77-13
American Institute of Architects 86-9
American Institute for Shippers Associations, Inc. 83-6; 85-5
American Land Development Association 80-14
American Life Insurance Association/ Institute of Life Insurance 75-18
American Meat Exchange 79-17
American Medical Association 79-4
American Motors Corp./ White Consolidated Industries Inc. 68-11
American National Cattlemen's Association 68-3
American National Red Cross/ Baxter-Travenol Laboratories 78-20
American Peanut Shellers Association 06-1
American Ship Building/ Litton Industries 73-17; 76-19
American Ship Building Co./ S&E Ship Building Corp. 75-4
American Short Line Railroad Association 84-17
American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers/ Broadcast Music, Inc./ SESAC, Inc. 95-11
American Society of Magazine Photographers 78-25
American Society of Travel Agents, Inc. 86-2; 88-6; 93-19
American Speech and Hearing Association 74-7
American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association, Inc./ International Group of Protection and Indemnity Clubs
American Telephone and Telegraph/ Puerto Rico 74-9
American Textile Manufacturers Institute 71-16
American Trucking Associations 02-6; 06-4
American Welding Society 02-2
American West African Freight Conference 80-26
Amherst Industries, Inc. 83-11
Amusement and Music Operators Association/ American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)/ Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)/ SESAC, Inc.
Annapolis Bank and Trust Co. 94-11
Anne Arundel Medical Center Anesthesiologists 96-23
Apparel Industry Partnership 98-A
Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation 01-1
Armored Transport Alliance 98-4
Asiatic Petroleum Corp. 78-18
Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc. 80-24
Associated Mechanical Contractors of Baton Rouge, Inc. 78-1
Associatied Press, The 10-2
Association of American Railroads 82-19
Association of Corporate Travel 87-2
Association of Data Processing Service Organizations, Inc. 86-1
Association of Fund-Raising 01-9
Association of Independent Corrugated Converters 98-12
Association of Independent Television Stations, Inc. 94-2; 95-3
Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (U.S.A.), Inc. 92-6
Association of Steel Distributors 79-6
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company/National Railroad Industry Trade Group 87-18
Attorney Group 97-2
Automated Interchange Matching System, Inc. 96-2
Automobile Transport Fleet Affiliation 94-8
Automotive Service Association of Michigan, Inc. 92-3
Auto Shippers' Efficiency Committee 93-3
Avco Corp./ Raketen Technik Gesellschaft GmbH 83-1
Baker Hughes Inteq/ Dresser Industries, Inc./ M-1 Drilling Fluids 96-12
Baker Protective Services, Inc./ Wackenhut Corp. 76-28
Baltimore Association of Minority Contractors, Inc. 77-22
BancSystems Association 77-11; 82-4
Banque-Marketing, Inc. 81-10
Barden Corporation/ N.H. Ball Bearings, Inc. 72-1
Baxter Healthcare Corporation/ Carbomedics, Inc. 88-9
Bay Area Business Group on Health 94-4
Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corp. 68-10; 77-20
Beer Industry League of Louisiana 73-19
Bekins Company/ Sears, Roebuck & Co. 76-23
Bell & Company 07-1
Bemis Manufacturing Co./ Standard Tank & Seat Co. 75-7
Beneficial Corp./ ISC Financial, Inc. 77-5
Beverage Bulletin 81-4
Beverage Importers' Freight Association 89-7
Beverage Marketing Corporation 83-24
Binghamton Sun Bulletin/ Gannett Co., Inc. 71-9
Birmingham Cooperative Clinical Benchmarking Demonstration Project 94-12
Bonanza Bus Lines/ Industrial National Bank of Rhode Island 73-14
Books Canada, Inc. 73-4
Boston and Maine/ Boston Sand and Gravel 68-7
Boston Mutual Savings Banks 76-2
Briggs & Stratton Corporation/ Lombardini F.I.M.S.p.A. 83-4
British Airways 84-18
BroChem Marketing, Inc. 03-1
Buena Vista Distribution Co./ General Cinema Corp. 77-25
Burley Stabilization Corp. 94-22a
Burley Tobacco Growers Ass'n 94-22b
Burlington Northern, Inc./ Great Mid-West Corp. 77-16
Burlington Northern Railroad Company/ Road-Rail Transportation Company 83-16
Burns and Roe, Inc./ Allis-Chalmers Corporation/ General Electric Company/ Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Business Travel Contractors Corporation 95-8
CEAT/ IFT/Okonite Co. 75-14
CVT Surgical Center/ Vascular Surgical Associates of Baton Rouge 97-5
California Autobody Association 78-22
California Chiropractic Association 9 3-20
California Large Electric Power Purchasing Association 97-16
California Lawyers Service 74-13; 75-3
California Pharmaceutical Association 76-21
California Pharmacists Association 86-13
Cargill, Inc./ Watkins Salt Co. 70-2
Carpinteria Herald/ News-Press Publishing Co. 74-11
Carrier Credit Services, Inc. 00-15
Case Western Reserve Univ. School of Medicine/ University Hospitals of Cleveland 93-1
Cattle Marketing Information Service, Inc. 84-4
Celotex Corp./ Kaiser Cement and Gypsum Corp. 76-14
Center for Advanced Television Studies 83-18
Central Soya/ National Egg Co. 71-14
Central Virginia Health Systems Agency 80-7
CEO Roundtable on Cancer 08-3
Checker Oil Co./ Exxon Corp. 77-10
Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology 76-13
Chemical Manufacturers Association 87-12
Chex Systems 71-4
Chicago Bar Association 80-13
Chicago Mercantile Exchange/ International Monetary Market 75-9
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad 79-18
Chicagoland Radiological Network 94-23
Children's Healthcare, P.A. 96-5
Chrysler Corp./ General Motors Corp. 79-9
Chrysler Corp./ Mitsubishi Motors Corp. 81-13
Cincinnati Regional Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Associates, Inc. 96-21
Citizens Savings Bank, et al. 77-6
Cleveland Trust Company/ Warner & Swasey Co. 78-6
Coastal States Gas Producing Co./ Lone Star Gas Co. 72-7
Collaborative Provider Organization, Inc. 94-15
Colorado Asphalt Producers Association 93-9
Colorado Foundation for Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. 74-5
Colorado State Grange 68-18
Columbia Fuel Services, Inc. and Lanmar Aviation, Inc. 13-1
Columbia River Shippers Association 88-5
Compensation Practices Committee 94-16
Computer-Aided Manufacturing- International, Inc. 72-19; 85-11
Consolidated Forwarders Intermodal Corporation 86-8
Consolidated Rail Corp./ Ansco Oil Co. 82-16
Consortium of Free Electronic Tax Preparation and Filing Service Companies 02-3
Consulting Engineers Council of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. 83-15; 84-11
Consumer Service Casualty Insurance Company 78-19
Containers America LLC 00-5
Continental Airlines 78-12
Continental Corp./ Southern Railway Co. 82-9
Continental Illinois National Bank/ Chicago and North Western Transportation Company 85-22
Contract Distribution Systems, Inc. 83-10
Copyright Clearance Center Inc. 93-11
Countertrade Inc. 79-16
Coupon Security Committee of the American Security Committee 85-20
Credit Managers Association of Southern California 87-17
Crown Aluminum Industries Corp./ Hunter Douglas N.V./ Whittaker Corp. 77-1
CyberPoint International LLC 14-2
Cyprus Mines Corporation/ Bagdad Copper Corporation 73-9
D.B. Deniz Nakliyati T.A.S. 84-16
DCTECH Research Centers, Inc. 84-15
Dairy Products Marketing Cooperative, Inc. 74-2
Dallas Mortgage Review Board 78-7
Dallas Rehabilitation Loan Program 77-28
Data Transmission Co. 76-18
DataCheck, Inc. 97-1
Davis Wire Corporation/ North American Wire Mills, Inc. 68-1
Defibrator Aktiebolag/ Reed Ltd. 78-2
Delaware Drug Formulary Board 72-18
Delta Airlines Inc./Societe Air France 01-2
Denver News Agency 05-1
Depot Direct, Inc. 98-1
Dermnet, Inc. 95-19
Detroit Mortgage Plan 77-23
Diamond Shamrock Corporation/ Diamond Shamrock R&M, Inc. 87-8
Direct Broadcast Satellite Association 84-14
Dun & Bradstreet/ Corinthian Broadcasting Corporation 71-3
EE&G, Inc./ Princeton Applied Research Corp. 76-26
E.W. Scripps Co. 05-1
East/West Trading Cooperative 71-17
Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. 00-14
Electronic Industries Association 70-1; 78-16
El Paso Surgical Group 96-19
Emhart Industries, Inc./ The Leisure Group, Inc. 76-29
Emons Industries 79-15
Experience Information Bureau, Inc. 92-1
External Compliance Officer, Inc. 08-2
FRA Shippers' Association 88-7
Fair Factories Clearinghouse 06-2
Fall River Canning Co., et al. 69-13
Fashion Accessories Shipper's Association/ National Fashion Accessories Association, Inc. 87-6
Federated Dairy Farms Inc./ Hi-Land Dairyman's Association/ Upper Snake River Valley Dairyman's Association
Federated Farm Producers of America 71-11
Financial Interchange, Inc. 83-13
First Data Resources, Inc. 74-6
First Priority Health System 97-15
First Security Mortgage Company 80-25
Fishermen's Marketing Association, Inc. 93-7
Flexi-Van Leasing, Inc. and Direct ChassisLink, Inc. 14-1
Flue-Cured Tobacco Cooperative Stabilization Corp. 94-22c
Flue-Cured Tobacco Cooperative Stabilization Plan 85-3
Foss Maritime Company 01-8
Franklin Book Programs, Inc. 70-6
Franklin National Bank 74-8; 74-14; 74-16
Freight Rate Information Service 88-8
Fuel Cell Commercialization Group 94-9
GASNET, Ltd. 86-18
Gales Rexall Drug and 106 Pharmacies Located in San Bernardino, Riverside & Los Angeles Counties
Gasoline and Automotive Service Dealers Association, Ltd./ Mechanics Choice Automotive Products, Inc.
Gastroenterology Associates, Ltd./ GI Associates, P.C./ Valley Gastroenterologists
Gelco Corporation 81-7
General Atomic Company/ Hochtemperatur Reaktorbau GmbH ("HRB")/ Gesellschaft fur Hochtemperaturreaktor- Technik GmbH ("GHT")/ Kernforschungsanlage Julich GmbH ("KFA")
General Electric Co./ Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. 72-3
General Electric Co./ Hitachi, Ltd. 78-24
General Electric Co./ Honeywell, Inc. 74-1
General Electric Co./ NGK Insulators, Ltd. 73-20
General Electric Co./ Parkwood Laminates 73-21
General Electric Co./ Utah International 76-22
Geo. A. Hormel & Co./ FDL Foods, Inc. 85-10
Georgia Bankers Association 88-10
Georgia Preferred Podiatric Medical Network 95-18
Grain Belt Breweries, Inc./ St. Paul Brewery of Theodore Hamm Co. 73-12
Grand Trunk Corporation 80-18
Great Plains Bag Co./ Continental Can Co. 71-12
Great Western Producers Cooperative/ Great Western Sugar Company/ Great Western United 73-3
Greater Detroit Theatre Operators Purchasing Corporation 83-9
Greater Hartford Board of Realtors 75-13
Greater Lansing Residential Loan Review Committee 77-8; 82-17
Greater New York Hospital Association 13-2
Gross Common Carriers 83-5
Gulf Wine and Spirits Shippers' Council, Inc. 86-7
Halon Recycling Corp. 93-10; 95-15
Hampton Roads Examination Warehouse, Inc. 89-8
Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc. 95-13
Hart Schaffner & Marx/ Craigmore Clothes 69-6
Hart Schaffner & Marx/ Haspel Bros. 71-1
Hartford National Bank 81-12
Hartford Times/ Hartford Courant 76-5
Hawaii Department of Transportation 80-21
Hawaii Trucking Association 81-6
Hazardous Material Coalition/ Dow Chemical USA/ E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company/ Union Carbide Corporation/ Consolidated Rail Corporation/ CSX Transportation, Inc./ The Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company/ Union Pacific
Health Care Management Associates of Mooretown, New Jersey 83-19
Health and Personal Care Distribution Conference, Inc. 93-14
Hearst Corp./ Schenectady Union Star 69-3
Herald Times, Inc./ Lu-Mar Newspapers, Inc. 73-22
Herbert O. Whitten & Associates, Inc. 83-26 Hercules Incorporated/ Petroleum Technology Corporation
The Heritage Alliance/ Lackawanna Physicians Organization 98-10
Hitachi, Ltd./ Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd./ Mitsubishi Electric Corp./ Time Warner, Inc./ Toshiba Corp./ Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.
Hillhaven Corporation/ Wisconsin Subacute Preferred Provider Network 95-5
Holly Farms Poultry Industries, Inc. 71-15
Home Care Alliance, Inc. 96-22
Hong Kong Shippers' Association 86-12
Hospice Network of New Jersey, Inc. 96-11
Hospital Corporation of America 83-20
Hospital Laundry Consortium 69-9
Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union Welfare Fund 94-10
Household Goods Forwarders Association of America, Inc. 85-21; 93-17
Houston Health Care Coalition 94-7
Houston Oil & Refining Inc. 80-23
Hughes Tool Co./ Plaza Tower Inc. 68-21
Hyatt Imler Ott & Blount, P.C. 92-4
IFA Shippers' Association 90-1
IMS International, Inc./ Lea, Inc. 72-11
Illinois Hospital Association 72-15
Illinois State Bar Association 89-1; 90-2
Inco Express, Inc. 83-23
Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers Association 96-14
Independent Drug Wholesalers Group 87-10
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 07-2; 15-1
Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc. 87-19
Insurance Services Office, Inc. 94-1
Insurance Institute for Research 78-3
Intellectual Property Exchange International, Inc. 13-3
Interactive Travel Services Association 98-3
Interbank/ First National City Banks 73-18
Intermodal Committee on Efficiency 96-4
Intermodal Council of the American Trucking Associations, Inc. 95-2
Internal Revenue Service 02-3
International Association of Independent Tanker Owners 77-24
International Beverage Shippers Association, Inc. 85-25
International Chiropractors Association 77-2
International Chiropractor's Association of California 94-19
Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultants 04-1
International Tungsten Indicator 80-19
Iowa State Commission on Aging 75-8
Itasca Clinic/ Grand Rapids Medical Associates 96-9
Ivy Capital Group, LLC 08-5
Jefferson Mills, Inc. 85-1
Johnson & Johnson/ Campana Corp./ Kimberly-Clark Corp./ International Playtex 80-22
Jostens, Inc./ Autrey Bros., Inc. 68-19
Kansas Blue Shield 68-2
Kansas City Hospital Linen Services, Inc. 71-7
Keystone and Conemaugh Electric Power Plants 98-2
Keystone Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. 79-12
Kimball/ M&M 72-5
Kingsley, Boye, & Southwood, Inc./ Robb, Peck, McCooey & Co. 80-6
Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.V./ Sony Corporation of Japan/ Pioneer Electronic Corporation of Japan
Kosher Zion Sausage Co./ Sinai Kosher Sausage Corp. 72-16
Kreitz Motor Express, Inc. 88-12
Laredo News, Inc./ Laredo Times Company, Inc. 86-19
Lexecon Health Service, Inc. 86-11
Linen Systems for Healthcare, LLC 06-3
London Policy Group 71-2
MPEG LA, L.L.C./ Cable Television Laboratories, Inc./ Trustees of Columbia University/ Fujitsu Limited/ General Instrument Corp./ Lucent Technologies, Inc./ Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd./ Mitsubishi Electric Corp./ Philips Electronics N.V./ Scientific Atlanta, Inc./ Sony Corp.
Machinery Dealers National Association 85-13
Magnavox Co./ Unimusic, Inc. 71-10
Maine Central Railroad Company/ Perma Treat Corporation 83-7
Maine Department of Business Regulation 80-3
Malmart Mortgage Co., Inc. 72-6
Manufactured Housing Institute 85-23
Marin General Hospital/ Ross Hospital 97-3
Market Databank, Inc. 80-2
Maryland Health Care Coalition 82-6
Maryland State Bar Association 76-3
Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Association 69-8; 76-4
Massachusetts Capital Resource Company 77-29
Massachusetts State Pharmaceutical Association 69-5
Mattson Instruments, Inc./ Fuji Electric Co., Ltd 85-14
McGraw-Hill, Inc. 82-21
Mechanics Lein Institute Inc. 80-9
Media Rating Council 08-1
MediaNews Group, Inc. 05-1
Memorial Health, Inc. and St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System 09-1
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith/ Goodbody Co. 70-15
Metal Building Manufacturers' Association 95-14
Metal Treating Institute 76-11
Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade Inc. 82-13
Michigan Educators Financial Services Association/ University Oldsmobile Datsun 76-7
Michigan Hospital Group, Inc. 02-7
Midamerica Chapter of the American Red Cross/ Blood Center of Northern Illinois 86-17
Mid-American National Cable Television Cooperative, Inc. 85-17
Middle Atlantic Insulation Contractors Association, Inc. 70-4
Mid-South Physician Alliance, Inc./ Mid-South Health Plan 95-6
Midwest Behavioral Healthcare LLC 00-1
Mid-West Egg Producers Cooperative Association/ DeKalb AgResearch, Inc.
Milk Drivers & Dairy Employees Union 68-9
Minneapolis Star & Tribune 78-26
Missouri Bar Association 79-3
Missouri Foundation for Pharmaceutical Care 75-16
Montgomery County Bar Association 80-10
Montgomery Ward Enterprises, Inc. 82-18
Morros and Associates, Inc. 78-17
Mortgage Asset Research Institute, Inc. 94-18
Mortgage-Backed Securities Dealers Association 79-10
Mothership Fleet Cooperative 00-13
Motion Picture Exhibitor Cooperative 78-14
Motion Picture Licensing Corporation of America 86-16
MyWire, Inc. 10-1
NSM Purchasing Association 99-1
NWG Broadcasting Co./ Teleprompter Corp. 81-16
National Association of Broadcasters 83-14
National Association of Credit Management 94-3
National Association of Manufacturers 98-8
National Association of Marine Services, Inc. 79-8
National Association of Small Trucking Companies 07-1
National Association of Shippers' Agents 87-1
National Association of Temporary Services 73-1
National Audio-Visual Association, Inc. 75-12; 78-21
National BankAmericard, Inc. 75-15
National Cable Television Cooperative, Inc. 03-3
National Cardiovascular Network, Inc. 93-12
National Conference of Non-Profit Shipping Associations/ Freightcon, Inc. 84-2
National Consumer Telecommunications Data Exchange, Inc. 97-14; 02-5
National Corp. for Housing Partnerships 69-1
National Council for U.S.-China Trade 73-11
National Court Reporters Association 95-12
National Egg Co./ Ralston Purina Co. 69-11; 71-13
National Egg Price System Study Committee/ Urner Barry Publications, Inc. 83-17
National Electrical Contractors' Association 74-10; 80-27
National Elevator Industry, Inc. 98-B
National Furniture Traffic Conference 70-12
National LP-Gas Association 84-1
National Oil Jobbers Council 78-8
National Railway Utilization Corp. 80-4
National Service Industries, Inc./ Acme Lighting 82-8
National Service Industries, Inc./ Wakefield's Laundry & Dry Cleaners 72-13
National Small Shipments Traffic Conference 83-12; 83-25
National Soft Drink Association 78-11 National Sugar Refining Co./ Amstar Corp. 82-11
National Sugar Refining Co./ Sucrest Corp. 68-4
National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc. 83-3
National Telecommunications Data Exchange, Inc. 94-6
National Telecommunications Network 86-10
Nebraska Electronic Terminal System 77-4
New England Bankcard Association 72-8
New Jersey Hospital Association 94-5
New Jersey Pharmaceutical Services Foundation 79-5
New Jersey Trade Waste Association 77-17
New Jersey Wholesalers Credit Bureau 76-12; 81-15
New World Shippers' Association 85-16
New York City Community Preservation Corp. 74-3; 78-9
New York Commodity Exchanges 73-6
New York County Lawyers Association 77-3; 77-7
New York Dock Railway 68-5; 78-10
New York Savings Bank 76-27
New York State Association of Service Stations, Inc. 81-5
New York State Bankers Association 77-18
Newhouse Broadcasting Corporation/ Mt. Hood Radio and Television 76-9
News-Herald Printing Company/ Derrick Publishing Company 85-9
Newspaper Association of America 93-21
Nickel Users Purchasing Association, Inc. 93-8
Non-Theatrical Film Distributors Association 74-4
Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers 86-5
North American Rockwell/ Swearingen Aircraft Inc. 71-8
North American Shippers' Association, Inc. 88-2
North Atlantic Westbound Freight Association 77-9
North Texas Regional Clearinghouse Association 87-21
Northern Mississippi Health Services, Inc. 87-9
Northern States Power Co., et al. 73-13
Northern Victor Cooperative 00-8
Northwest National Life Insurance Co. 95-4
Novus, Inc. 70-13
Offshore Pollock Catchers Cooperative 00-4
Ohio Hospital Purchasing Consortium 82-10
Oklahoma Physicians Network-IPA, Inc./ PROklahoma Care, Inc. 96-1
Olin Corp./ Allied Corp. 81-11
Olympus America, Inc./C.R. Bard, Inc. 01-6
Omni Film Associates 81-14
Orange Los Angeles Medical Group, Inc. 96-7
Orthopaedic Associates of Mobile, P.A./ The Bone & Joint Center of Mobile 97-6
Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, Inc. 80-15
PPG Industries, Inc. 86-20
PQ Corporation/ Diamond Shamrock Chemicals Company 84-9
Pabst Brewing Co./ JMSL Acquiring Co. 82-14
Pacific Business Group on Health 10-3
Pacific Northwest Asia Shippers' Association 87-22
Paducah & Louisville Railway, Inc./ VMV Enterprises, Inc./ C,G&T Industries, Inc.
Paid Prescriptions, Inc. 68-15
Pan Geo Atlas Corp./ Dresser Industries, Inc. 68-6
Pennsylvania Orthotics & Prosthetics Enterprise 95-9
Pennzoil United Inc./ Pennsylvania Refining Co. 70-14
Pentagon Federal Credit Union 96-10
Performance Warehouse Association 82-3
Personal Communications Industry Association 98-6
Peter Pan Fleet Cooperative 00-10
Petrocredit Corp. 87-11
Petroleum E&P Research Cooperative 97-7
Petroleum Independents' Cooperative, Inc. 88-1
Pharmaceutical Card Systems, Inc. 69-4; 70-7
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association 93-13
Phoenix Steel Corp./ U.S. Steel Corp. 69-7
Physician Care, Inc. 94-20
Pioneer Savings and Loan Assoc. 82-22
Pirelli Group/ Okonite, Co. 75-20
Plastic Surgery Associates of Connecticut, LLC 96-15
Pollock Conservation Cooperative 00-2
Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association, Inc.
Portable Power Equipment Manufacturers Association
Portland Pipeline Corporation/ Montreal Pipeline Limited/ Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc./ Shell Canada Products Limited
Portland Voluntary Mortgage Loan Program 76-16
Post-Tensioning Institute 97-12
Preferred Laboratory Access Network 95-20
Preferred Physicians Medical Group 99-4
Preferred Podiatric Network, Inc. 94-17
Prescription Services, Inc. 68-8
Presidential Airways, Inc./ Continental Airlines, Inc./ Texas Air Corporation
Primary and Specialist Medical Center, L.L.C. 96-17
Private Export Funding Corporation 72-4; 78-26
Pro Forma Committee to Create a Joint Venture 86-14
Producers Guild of America 11-1
Promotion Marketing Association of America 95-10
Promotion Marketing Association 01-5
Proprietary Association 78-13
Public Employees Plan, Inc. 68-13
Puerto Rico 74-12
Pulmonary Associates, Ltd./ Albuquerque Pulmonary Consultants P.A. 94-21
Pump Research and Development Committee 85-12
Purolator Courier Corp./ NCR Corp. 81-17
Purolator Courier Corporation/ Purolator Armored, Inc. 83-2
RFID Consortium LLC 08-4
RMJ Securities Corp./ Garban Ltd./ Fundamental Brokers, Inc. 89-3
RTE Corp./ ASEA 70-8
RTE Corp./ Zellweger-Uster Ltd. 81-8
RWHC Network, Inc. 96-24
Radio Advertising Bureau 84-5
Ramsey County, Minnesota Bar Association 78-5
RealAmerica Finance 80-20
Recording Industry Association of America/ Bolt, Beranek and Newman Systems/ Technology Corporation
Regular Common Carrier Conference 71-5
Reinsurance/ Hazardous Waste Study Group 89-6
Reliance Network, The 09-2
Retail Art Suppliers 70-9
Revlon, Inc./ Novocol Chemical Manufacturing Co. 68-16
Rhinechem Corp./ Allied Chemical Corp. 76-31
Richmond Tank Car Company 79-14
Rio Grande Eye Associates, P.A. 01-7
Roadway Services, Inc. 82-20
Robert A. Summers & Associates 81-9
Rubber Manufacturers' Association, Inc. 70-10
Russell-Stanley Corporation 97-9
Saginaw Mortgage Review Plan 78-4
Saint Anthony Medical Center 93-15
Salk Institute for Biological Studies 75-2; 75-21
San Fernando Valley Bar Association 76-15
Santa Fe Managed Care Organization 97-4
Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corporation 86-4
Sanyo Manufacturing Co., Inc./ Whirlpool Corp./ Warwick Electronics Inc.
Schaake Packing Co./ Van De Graaf Ranches Inc./ Monson & Sons Cattle Co., Inc.
Schaeffer Realty Co. 79-1
Scheduled Airline Traffic Offices, Inc. 86-6; 87-7
Schott Optical Glass, Inc./ PPG Industries, Inc. 70-3
Scott Paper Co. 70-5
Sea-Land Corporation/ R.J. Reynolds Industries, Inc. 84-8
Sea-Land Industries Investments, Inc. 84-3
Sealy, Inc. 73-2
Seattle Residential Loan Review Program 77-27
Securities Industry Association 98-7; 99-5
Seeskin, Paas, Blackburn & Company 94-13
Seperative Work Administration Pool 75-1
Shippers' Association, Inc./ Transportation Services Group, Inc. 87-23
Shippers of Recycled Textiles, Inc. 89-9
Siemens Corp./ Astrodata, Inc. 74-15
Sierra CommCare, Inc. 96-20
Singer Co./ Marley Co. 75-17
Smokeless Tobacco Producers 93-4
South Carolina Dermatologists 95-16
South Carolina Personal Injury Referral Service 87-13
South Suburban Bar Association 93-18
Southeastern Peanut Association 89-5; 92-9
Southeastern Public Service Authority 06-6
Southern California Independent Lennox Dealers 95-1
Southern Health Corporation 96-6
Southwest Cattle Co-op, Inc. 80-11
Southwest Forest Industries, Inc. 82-5
Southwest Michigan Health Systems Agency, Inc. 82-7
Southwest Oncology Group 95-17
Southwest Orthopedic Specialists 97-10
Southwest Power Pool 96-3
Specialty Equipment Market Association 82-1
Sporting Goods Manufacturers' Association 77-14
St. Croix Hotel Association 69-12
St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition 88-4
Stark County Health Care Coalition, Inc. 85-19
STARS Alliance LLC 12-1; 12-2
Stauffer Chemical Company/ PPG Industries, Inc. 87-16
Stone Platt Industries. Ltd./ Maremont Corp. 73-10
Sun Chemical/ Chemetron Corporation 72-2
Sun Newspapers, Inc./ Minneapolis Star & Tribune 78-27
Super Efficient Refrigerator Program 92-8
Surgical Associates of Western Connecticut, P.C./ Danbury Surgical Associates, P.C. 87-20
Swift & Co./ American Beef Packers 75-11
Tenneco Chemicals, Inc./ Hatco Group 77-21
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co./ The Columbia Gas System, Inc. 69-2
Texas Association of Realtors 76-10
Texas Cattle Feeders Association 80-1
Texas Produce Marketing Cooperative 88-3
Textile Energy Association 98-9
Thomas Reap Realty, Inc. 75-5
Title Insurance Companies 72-14
Toilet Goods Association, Inc. 68-20
Tom's Foods, Inc. 85-6
Trailer Train Company 84-12
Transcontinental Pipe Line Corporation/ Transco Gas Supply Company 83-27
Transplant Associates 92-7
Transport Association of America 68-12; 82-2
Transportation Brokers Conference of America, Inc. 85-4
Transportation Claims and Prevention Council, Inc. 96-13
Transportation Resources, Inc. 86-15
Transportation Services, Inc. 01-4
Tri-State Investment Foundation 84-10
Truckload Carriers Association 01-3
U.S.D. Corporation 85-8
Unalaska Fleet Cooperative 00-12
Union Carbide Corp./ Morton-Norwich Products, Inc. 76-24
Union Pacific Corporation 80-8
UniSea Fleet Cooperative 00-7
United Auto Workers/ American Motors Corp. 81-3
United States Department of Transportation 73-8
United States Football League 85-2
United States National Bank of Oregon 73-16
United States Poultry Export, Inc. 79-13
United Technologies Corporation (UTC)/ Rolls-Royce Limited/ Japanese Aero Engines Corporation/ MTU Motoren-und Turbinen-Union Munchen GmbH/ Fiat Aviazione S.p.A. (Fiat)
Uranium Institute 79-2
Utilities Service Alliance 96-18
Venture Resources, Inc. 82-12
Vermont Physicians Clinic 97-13
Villager Industries, Inc./ Jonathan Logan, Inc. 69-10
VMEbus International Trade Association 06-5
Walgreen Co./ Dominick's Finer Foods, Inc. 77-15
Walgreen Co./ Stein Drug 79-7
Washington Board of Realtors, Inc./ Bar Association of D.C., Inc. 68-17
Washington State Medical Association 02-1
Western Railroad Traffic Association 83-22
Western Railroad Traffic Association/ Consolidated Rail Corporation 84-6
Western Railroad Traffic Association/ Consolidated Rail Corporation/ CSX Corporation 93-16
Western Systems Coordinating Council 99-3
Westinghouse Electric Corp./ Tenneco Inc. 73-15
Westlake Health Campus Association/ Lakewood Hospital 80-17
Westward Fleet Cooperative 00-11
Weyerhaeuser Company 81-1
White Consolidated Industries, Inc./ Westinghouse Electric Corporation 75-6
White Consolidated Industries, Inc./ White Motor Corp. 76-6
Whiting Conservation Cooperative 97-8
Wine and Spirits Shippers Association, Inc. 85-18
Wisconsin Hospital Association/ Wisconsin Blue Cross 77-12
Woodwork Institute of California 03-2
Worker Rights Consortium 11-2
World Monitors Incorporated 06-2
World Nuclear Fuel Market 78-23
Wrangell Forest Products Company, Ltd./ Ketchikan Pulp Corporation 85-24
Xerox Corp. 80-12






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