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EAG Discussion Papers 2006-Present

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2022 Discussion Papers

Competitive Effects of Resale Price Maintenance Through Inventory: Evidence from Publishing Industry
Kohei Kawaguchi, Jeff Qiu and Yi Zhang, EAG 22-5, December 2022
Abstract   PDF

Win/Loss Data, Consumer Switching Costs: Measuring Diversion Ratios and the Impact of Mergers
Jeff Qiu, Masayuki Sawada and Gloria Sheu, EAG 22-4, December 2022
Abstract   PDF

Bundling with Resale
Drew Vollmer, EAG 22-3, December 2022
Abstract   PDF

Is Resale Needed in Markets with Refunds? Evidence from College Football Ticket Sales
Drew Vollmer, EAG 22-2, December 2022
Abstract   PDF

Online Reviews and Hospital Choices
Ian McCarthy, Kaylyn Sanbower, and Leonardo Sánchez Aragón, EAG 22-1, December 2022
Abstract   PDF

2021 Discussion Papers

Analyzing Vertical Mergers with Auctions Upstream
Joseph U. Podwol and Alexander Raskovich, EAG 21-4, December 2021
Abstract   PDF

Franchise Termination Laws, Craft Brewery Entry and Growth
Jacob Burgdorf, EAG 21-3, November 2021
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Three Economist’s Tools for Antitrust and Merger Analysis: Case Applications
Russell Pittman, EAG 21-2, June 2021
Abstract   PDF

On the Economics of the Restructuring of World Railways, with a Focus on Russia
Russell Pittman, EAG 21-1, January 2021
Abstract   PDF

2019 Discussion Papers

The Effectiveness of EC Policies to Move Freight from Road to Rail: Evidence from CEE Grain Markets
Russell Pittman, Monika Jandová, Marcin Król, Larysa Nekrasenko, and Tomáš Paleta,
EAG 19-2, December 2019

Abstract   PDF

Collusion Along the Learning Curve: Theory and Evidence from the Semiconductor Industry
Danial Asmat, EAG 16-4, August 2016, Revised July 2019
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text 

Common Ownership and Airlines: Evaluating an Alternate Ownership Data Source
Eric Lewis and Randy Chugh, EAG 19-1, April 2019

2018 Discussion Papers

Pricing of Complements in the U.S. Freight Railroads: Cournot Versus Coase
Alexei Alexandrov, Russell Pittman and Olga Ukhaneva, EAG 18-1, April 3, 2018
Abstract    PDF   Accessible Text

2017 Discussion Papers

Simulating Mergers in a Vertical Supply Chain with Bargaining
Gloria Sheu and Charles Taragin, EAG 17-3, October 2017
Abstract    PDF   Accessible Text

Forward Contracts, Market Structure, and the Welfare Effects of Mergers
Nathan H. Miller and Joseph U. Podwol, EAG 17-2, October 2017
Abstract    PDF   Accessible Text

Three Economist’s Tools for Antitrust Analysis: A Non-Technical Introduction
Russell Pittman, EAG 17-1, January 2017
Published in Boris Begović and Dušan Popović, eds., The Economics of Competition Law Enforcement in Developing and Transition Economies, Springer Verlag, Contributions in Economics, 2018.
Abstract    PDF

2016 Discussion Papers

Collusion Along the Learning Curve: Theory and Evidence from the Semiconductor Industry
Danial Asmat, EAG 16-4, August 2016, Revised July 2019
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text 

The Strange Career of Independent Voting Trusts in U.S. Rail Mergers
Russell Pittman, EAG 16-3, July 2016
Published in Journal of Competition Law and Economics 13 (2017), 89-102.
Abstract   PDF

Upward Pricing Pressure as a Predictor of Merger Price Effects
Nathan H. Miller, Marc Remer, Conor Ryan, and Gloria Sheu, EAG 16-2, March 2016
Published in International Journal of Industrial Organization 52 (2017), 216-247.
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text 

Tort Liability and Settlement Failure: Evidence on Litigated Auto Insurance Claims
Danial Asmat and Sharon Tennyson, EAG 16-1, January 2016
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text 

2015 Discussion Papers

Sequential English Auctions: A Theory of Opening-bid Fishing
Joseph Uri Podwol, EAG 15-1, March 2015
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text 

2014 Discussion Papers

Bargaining Power and the Effects of Joint Negotiation: The “Recapture Effect”
Craig T. Peters, EAG 14-3, September 2014
Abstract    PDF   Accessible Text 

Search, Price Dispersion, and Local Competition: Estimating Heterogeneous Search Costs in Retail Gasoline Markets
Mitsukuni Nishida and Marc Remer, EAG 14-2, July 2014
Published (as “The Determinants and Consequences of Search cost Heterogeneity: Evidence from Local Gasoline Markets”) in Journal of Marketing Research 55 (2018).
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Bias in Reduced-Form Estimates of Pass-through
Alexander MacKay, Nathan H. Miller, Marc Remer, and Gloria Sheu, EAG 14-1, February 2014
Published in Economics Letters 123(2014), 200-202.
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

2013 Discussion Papers

Search Costs and Equilibrium Price Dispersion in Auction Markets
Matthew R. Backus, Joseph Uri Podwol, and Henry S. Schneider, EAG 13-2, November 2013
Abstract   PDF   MathML

Forward Contracting and the Welfare Effects of Mergers
Nathan H. Miller, EAG 13-1, May 2013
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

2012 Discussion Papers

An Empirical Investigation of the Determinants of Asymmetric Pricing
Marc Remer, EAG 12-10, November 2012
Published in International Journal of Industrial Organization 42 (2015), 46-56.
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Using Cost Pass-Through to Calibrate Demand
Nathan H. Miller, Marc Remer and Gloria Sheu, EAG 12-9, October 2012
Published in Economics Letters 118 (2013, 451-454).
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Approximating the Price Effects of Mergers: Numerical Evidence and an Empirical Application
Nathan H. Miller, Conor Ryan, Marc Remer and Gloria Sheu, EAG 12-8, October 2012
Published in Journal of Industrial Economics 64 (2016, 683-709).
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Calibrating the AIDS and Multinomial Logit Models with Observed Product Margins
Gloria Sheu and Charles Taragin, EAG 12-7, October 2012
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Endogenous Entry in Markets with Unobserved Quality
Anthony Creane and Thomas D. Jeitschko, EAG 12-6, August 2012
Forthcoming in The Journal of Industrial Economics (2018).
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Adverse Effects of Patent Pooling on Product Development and Commercialization
Thomas D. Jeitschko and Nanyun Zhang, EAG 12-5, July 2012
Published in The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 27–57 (2014).
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Shipping the Good Apples Out Under Asymmetric Information
Anthony Creane and Thomas D. Jeitschko, EAG 12-4, April 2012
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Some New Evidence About the Effects of U.S. Antidumping Orders and Their Administrative Reviews on the Prices of Covered Import
William W. Nye, EAG 12-3, April 2012
Published in The International Trade Journal, Vol. 27, 2013, pp 336-348.
Abstract   PDF

The Proposed Merger of AT&T and T-Mobile: Are There Unexhausted Scale Economies in U.S. Mobile Telephony?
Yan Li and Russell Pittman, EAG 12-2, April 2012
Published in Journal of Competition Law & Economics 9 (2013), 49-63.
Abstract   PDF   MathML

Incorporating Prior Information into a GMM Objective for Mixed Logit Demand Systems
Charles J. Romeo, EAG 12-1, April 2012
Abstract   Link to PDF (Main)  Link to PDF (Appendices B and C)

2011 Discussion Papers

Blame the Switchman? Russian Railways Restructuring After Ten Years
Russell Pittman, EAG 11-3, February 2011
Published in Michael Alekseev and Shlomo Weber, eds., Oxford Handbook of the Russian Economy, Oxford University Press, 2013.
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Signaling, Learning and Screening Prior to Trial: Informational Implications of Preliminary Injunctions
Thomas D. Jeitschko and Byung-Cheol Kim, EAG 11-2, February 2011
Published in Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 29 (2013).
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Antitrust Immunity and International Airline Alliances
William Gillespie and Oliver M. Richard, EAG 11-1, February 2011
Published in 78 Antitrust Law Journal 443, (2012)
Abstract   PDF   HTML

2010 Discussion Papers

The 2010 Horizontal Merger Guidelines: From Hedgehog to Fox in Forty Years.
Carl Shapiro
Published in 77 Antitrust Law Journal 701, (2010)
Link to PDF

Cumulative Innovation and Competition Policy
Alexander Raskovich and Nathan H. Miller, EAG 10-5, September 2010
Abstract   PDF   MathML

A Theory of Quality Competition in Newspaper Joint Operating Agreements
Charles J. Romeo and Aran Canes, EAG 10-4 July 2010
Abstract   Published in Antitrust Bulletin 57 (2012), 367-408.

Filling Out the Instrument Set in Mixed Logit Demand Systems for Aggregate Data
Charles J. Romeo, EAG 10-3 April 2010
Abstract   Link to PDF

Against the Stand-Alone-Cost Test in U.S. Freight Rail Regulation
Russell Pittman, EAG 10-1 CA, April 2010
Published in Journal of Regulatory Economics (2010)
Abstract    PDF    HTML

Competition Among Spatially Differentiated Firms: An Empirical Model with an Application to Cement
Nathan H. Miller and Matthew Osborne, EAG 10-2 March 2010
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

The Economics of Railroad “Captive Shipper” Legislation
Russell Pittman, EAG 10-1 January 2010
Published in Administrative Law Review (2010)
Abstract   PDF   HTML

2009 Discussion Papers

The Entry Incentives of Complementary Producers: A Simple Model with Implications for Antitrust Policy
Juan S. Lleras and Nathan H. Miller, EAG 09-7, November 2009
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Competition Issues in Restructuring Ports and Railways, Including Brief Consideration of these Sectors in India
Russell Pittman, EAG 09-6, November 2009
Published in International Journal of Regulation and Governance (2009)
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Does Competition Among Medicare Advantage Plans Matter?: An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Local Competition in a Regulated Environment
Abe Dunn, EAG 09-5, July 2009
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Why Prices Rise Faster Than They Fall
Sheldon Kimmel, EAG 09-4, July 2009
Abstract   PDF   

Who Are You Calling Irrational? Marginal Costs, Variable Costs, and the Pricing Practices of Firms
Russell Pittman, EAG 09-3, July 2009
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Railway Mergers and Railway Alliances: Competition Issues and Lessons for Other Network Industries
Russell Pittman, EAG 09-2, May 2009
Published in Competition and Regulation in Network Industries (2009)
Abstract   PDF

Economic Effects of State Bans on Direct Manufacturer Sales to Car Buyers
Gerald R. Bodisch, EAG 09-1 CA, May 2009
Abstract    PDF    HTML

Merger Review of Firms in Financial Distress
Ken Heyer and Sheldon Kimmel, EAG 09-1, March 2009
Published in Competition Policy International (2009)
Abstract    PDF   HTML

2008 Discussion Papers

Competitive Advocacy Opportunity: Zeroing in U.S. Antidumping Enforcement
William W. Nye, EAG 08-13, December 2008
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Restructuring, Ownership and Efficiency: The Case of Labor in Electricity Generation
Jennifer K. Shanefelter, EAG 08-12, December 2008
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Automobile Prices, Gasoline Prices, and Consumer Demand for Fuel Economy
Ashley Langer and Nathan Miller, EAG 08-11, December 2008
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

The Implications of 'Zeroing' on Enforcement of U.S. Antidumping Law
William W. Nye, EAG 08-10, August 2008
Published in Journal of Economic Policy Reform (2009)
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Should Banking Be Kept Separate from Commerce
Alexander Raskovich, EAG 08-9, August 2008
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Analyzing Mergers Using Capacity Closures
Nicholas Hill, EAG 08-8, August 2008
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Competition when Consumers Value Firm Scope
Nathan H. Miller, EAG 08-7, August 2008
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Optimal Sharing Strategies in Dynamic Games of Research and Development
Nisvan Erkal and Deborah Minehart, EAG 08-6, June 2008
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Electricity Restructuring in China: The Elusive Quest for Competition
Russell Pittman and Vanessa Yanhua Zhang, EAG 08-5, April 2008
Published in Singapore Economic Review 55 (2010), 377-400.
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Electricity Restructuring: What Has Worked, What Has Not, and What Is Next
Jeff Lien, EAG 08-4, April 2008
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Dynamic Contract Breach
Fan Zhang, EAG 08-3, March 2008
Published in Journal of Law, Economics and Organization (2011)
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Appropriate Antitrust Policy Towards Single-Firm Conduct
Dennis W. Carlton and Ken Heyer, EAG 08-2, March 2008
Published in Competition Policy International (2008) as “Extraction vs. Extension: The Basis for Formulating Antitrust Policy Towards Single-Firm Conduct”
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Safe Harbors for Quantity Discounts and Bundling
Dennis W. Carlton and Michael Waldman, EAG 08-1, January 2008
Abstract   PDF   HTML

2007 Discussion Papers

Mergers in Regulated Industries: Electricity
Dennis W. Carlton, EAG 07-16, December 2007
Abstract   PDF   HTML

The Need to Measure the Effect of Merger Policy and How to Do It
Dennis W. Carlton, EAG 07-15, December 2007
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Proposal for a Market-Based Solution to Airport Delays
W. Tom Whalen, Dennis W. Carlton, Ken Heyer, and Oliver Richard, EAG 07-14, October 2007
Published at 31 Regulation (2008).
Abstract   PDF   HTML

The Holdout Problem and Long-Term Contracting
Alexander Raskovich, EAG 07-13, September 2007
Abstract   Link to PDF

Do Low-Quality Products Affect High-Quality Entry? Multiproduct Firms and Nonstop Entry in Airline Markets
Abraham Dunn, EAG 07-12, September 2007
Published in 26 International Journal of Industrial Organization 1074 (2008).
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Anticompetitive Restraints on Public Charter Schools
John Hoven, EAG 07-11, September 2007
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Consumer Learning, Switching Costs, and Heterogeneity: A Structural Examination
Matthew Osborne, EAG 07-10, September 2007
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Consumer Surplus as the Appropriate Standard for Antitrust Enforcement
Russell Pittman, EAG 07-9, June 2007
Published in 3 Competition Law International 205 (2007)
Abstract   PDF   HTML

How Rebate Bans, Discriminatory MLS Listing Policies, and Minimum Service Requirements Can Reduce Price Competition for Real Estate Brokerage Services and Why It Matters
Matthew Magura, EAG 07-8, May 2007
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Optimal Sharing Strategies in Dynamic Games of Research and Development
Nisvan Erkal and Deborah Minehart, EAG 07-7, April 2007
Abstract   PDF   Accessible Text

Market Definition: Use and Abuse
Dennis W. Carlton, EAG 07-6, April 2007
Published in Competition Policy International (2007).
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Will the Train Ever Leave the Station? The Private Provision of Freight Railway Service in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe
Russell Pittman, Oana Diaconu, Emanual Å ip, Anna Tomovà, and Jerzy Wronka, EAG 07-5, January 2007
Published in 3 Journal of Competition Law and Economics 673 (2008)
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Price-Response Asymmetry and Spatial Differentiation in Local Retail Gasoline Markets
Jeremy A. Verlinda, EAG 07-4, January 2007
Published in 56 The Journal of Industrial Economics (2008)
Abstract   PDF

Does Antitrust Need to be Modernized?
Dennis W. Carlton, EAG 07-3, January 2007
Published in Journal of Economic Perspectives (2007).
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Cold Case Files: The Athenian Grain Merchants 386 B.C.
Wayne R. Dunham, EAG 07-2, January 2007
Published in Cato Journal (2008)
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Patient Admission Patterns and Acquisitions of “Feeder” Hospitals
Sayaka Nakamura, Cory Capps and David Dranove, EAG 07-1, January 2007
Published in Journal of Economics and Management Strategy (2007)
Abstract   PDF

2006 Discussion Papers

Predicting the Competitive Effects of Mergers by Listening to Customers
Ken Heyer, EAG 06-11, September 2006
Published in Antitrust Law Journal 74 (2007), 87-127.
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Ordered Bargaining
Alexander Raskovich, EAG 06-10, September 2006
Published in International Journal of Industrial Organization (2007).
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Market Definition and Market Power in Payment Card Networks
Eric Emch and T. Scott Thompson, EAG 06-9, March 2006
Published in The Review of Network Economics (2006).
Abstract   Link to published version

Welfare Standards and Merger Analysis: Why not the Best?
Ken Heyer, EAG 06-8, March 2006
Published in Competition Policy International (2006).
Abstract   PDF   HTML

How and Why the Per Se Rule Against Price-Fixing Went Wrong
Sheldon Kimmel, EAG 06-7, March 2006
Published in 16 Supreme Court Economic Review (2008)
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Abuse of Dominance Enforcement under Latin American Competition Laws
Maria Coppola Tineo and Russell Pittman, EAG 06-6, February 2006
Published in Philip Marsden, ed., Handbook of Research in Trans-Atlantic Antitrust (2006).
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Investment Incentives and Market Power: An Experimental Analysis
Dean V. Williamson, Céline Jullien, Lynne Kiesling, and Carine Staropoli, EAG 06-5, January 2006
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Organization, Control and the Single Entity Defense in Antitrust
Dean V. Williamson, EAG 06-4, January 2006
Published in Journal of Competition Law and Economics (2009)
Abstract   PDF   HTML

Innovation and Ex Ante Consideration of Licensing Terms in Standard Setting
Tor Winston, EAG 06-3, March 2006
Abstract    PDF    Accessible Text

What Is the Effect of U.S. Antidumping Duties on Imports? Some Evidence from the Sunset Review Process
William W. Nye, EAG 06-2, February 2006
Abstract    PDF    HTML

Competition or Collusion? Negotiating Discounts Off Posted Prices
Alexander Raskovich, EAG 06-1, February 2006
Published in International Journal of Industrial Organization(2007).
Abstract    PDF   HTML

The analysis and conclusions expressed in the papers are solely those of the authors and do not represent the views of the Department of Justice.

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