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Evaluation Of Section 271 Applications

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Under Section 271 of the Telecommunications Act, a Bell Operating Company may not provide in-region long distance services until it demonstrates to the FCC that it has met legal requirements designed to open the local telecommunications markets in a particular state to competition.

In considering whether to approve a company’s application for long distance authority in a particular state, the FCC must consult with the Department of Justice and give “substantial weight” to its assessment of whether the company should be allowed to provide in-region long distance services. Within the Department of Justice, the Antitrust Division is responsible for reviewing these applications and consulting with the FCC.

Some applications were denied by the FCC or withdrawn by the applicant and then later refiled. Those states have multiple evaluations listed below. Further, some applications involve more than one state. For these applications, the Department filed one evaluation that addressed all of the relevant states.

General Documents

DOJ Performance Measures Letter to SBC Communications (03/06/1998)

DOJ Reply Comments in the Matter of Implementation of the Non-Accounting Safeguards of Sections 271 and 272 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, and Regulatory Treatment of LEC Provision of Interexchange Services Originating in the LEC’s Local Exchange Area (09/30/1996)


Documents Evaluation Filed with the FCC States Application Filed with the FCC
Evaluation 10/25/2002 FL, TN 09/20/2002
Evaluation 07/30/2002 AL, KY, MS, NC, SC 06/20/2002
Evaluation 03/21/2002 GA, LA 02/14/2002
Evaluation 11/06/2001 GA, LA 10/02/2001


08/19/1998 LA 07/09/1998


12/10/1997 LA 11/06/1997


11/04/1997 SC 09/30/1997



Documents Evaluation Filed with the FCC States Application Filed with the FCC
Evaluation 10/09/2003 AZ 09/04/2003
Evaluation 05/02/2003 MN 03/28/2003
Evaluation 02/20/2003 NM, OR, SD 01/15/2003
Evaluation 10/22/2002 CO, ID, IA, MT, NE, ND, UT, WA, WY 09/30/2002
Evaluation 08/21/2002 MT, UT, WA, WY 07/12/2002
Evaluation 07/23/2002 CO, ID, IA, NE, ND 06/13/2002



Documents Evaluation Filed with the FCC States Application Filed with the FCC
Evaluation 08/26/2003 IL, IN, OH, WI 07/17/2003
Evaluation 07/16/2003 IL, IN, OH, WI 06/19/2003
Evaluation 02/26/2003 MI 01/16/2003
Evaluation 02/21/2003 NV 01/14/2003
Evaluation 10/29/2002 CA 09/20/2002
Evaluation 09/24/2001 AR, MO 08/20/2001
Evaluation 05/09/2001 MO 04/04/2001
Evaluation 12/04/2000 KS, OK 10/26/2000


Ex Parte Submission (06/13/2000)

05/12/2000 TX 04/05/2000


Ex Parte Submission (03/20/2000)

02/14/2000 TX 01/10/2000


06/25/1997 MI 05/21/1997


Addendum (05/21/1997)

05/16/1997 OK 04/11/1997



Documents Evaluation Filed with the FCC States Application Filed with the FCC
Evaluation 01/27/2003 DC, MD, WV 12/19/2002
Evaluation 09/05/2002 VA 08/01/2002
Evaluation 08/01/2002 DE, NH 06/27/2002
Evaluation 04/25/2002 ME 03/21/2002
Evaluation 04/15/2002 NJ 03/26/2002
Evaluation 02/21/2002 VT 01/17/2002
Evaluation 01/28/2002 NJ 12/20/2001
Evaluation 01/04/2002 RI 11/26/2001
Evaluation 07/26/2001 PA 06/21/2001
Evaluation 05/25/2001 CT 04/23/2001
Evaluation 02/21/2001 MA 01/16/2001
Evaluation 10/27/2000 MA 09/22/2000
Evaluation 11/01/1999 NY  
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