Exhibit 2 Of Exhibit J

Exhibit 2

Giant weekly advertisement circular for March 30 through April 5, 2003, including ads for:

Advertisement 1:

Picture of package for Gwaltney Big 8's Jumbo Beef Hot Dogs. There is a multi-pointed on the right side of the picture. The star contains the words "1/2 price" printed in the center. Below the star are the words: 1.49, BonusCard Price. To the left of the price are the following words: Gwaltney Big 8's Beef Franks, 1-lb. pkg., Save 1.50.

Advertisement 2:

Picture of two packages of Gwaltney Sliced Bacon. Below the picture, to the left, are the following words: Gwaltney Sliced Bacon, Regular or Brown Sugar, 1-lb. pkg., Save 1.58 on 2. Below the picture, to the right, are the following words: 2 for $5, BonusCard Price.

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