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Exhibit D - Wheel Lift Design Model No. 124002217

This diagram shows the design of a wheel lift. It shows three separate parts:

Part 1 - appears as a somewhat elliptical figure cut diagonally on the top left side. On the top center there is an item that looks like a screw labelled "Horizontal Locking Pin." On the top right there is an unlabelled attached item bend towards the screw, from right to left (looks like it might be used to lock it with another part). On the left there is an item attached that looks like a long vertical pin labelled "Crossarm Approach Plate." At the bottom middle section there is another unlabelled item bend from left to right. Next to this is a smooth surface with a piece that looks like a sideways "S" labelled "Receiver."

Part 2 - appears as a three plates connected together, one layed vertically, and two others layed horizontally, these being twice as long as the one layed vertically. The vertical plate has a "V" cut in the middle and a nut on the bottom middle labelled "Alignment Pin." Above the nut is a "Receiver." At the top of the vertical plate there is a "Horizontal Locking Pin" and below it is another smaller plate with a small vertical bar labelled "Pivot Locking Pin" and two nuts connected togerther with a small belt. The first of the horizonatal plates is connected to the right on this smaller plate. Above this plate are some parts: one the left, two that look likes hooks; in the center two that look like thick, short vertical bars; to the right there are two others, one that looks like a "T" with two legs and another short vertical bar. Finally, there is another horrizotal plate below the first one labelled "Crossarm Assembly." This last plate contains an item that looks like a sideways "S" labelled "Crossarm Approach Plate."

Part 3 - appears as the open head of a wrench with a horizontal plate attached. The item that looks like an open head of a wrench is labelled "Receiver." There is an item that looks like a nut at the bottom center section of the open head wrench labelled "Alignment Pin." Behind the open wrench head and the horrizontal bar there are several pieces connecting both, one of which is a small flat bar labelled "Horizontal Locking Pin." The flat bar is labelled "Crossarm Assembly." This plate contains an item that looks like a sideways "S" labelled "Crossarm Approach Plate."

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Updated August 14, 2015