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Exhibit E - Wheel Lift Design Model No. 124002221

This diagram shows the design of a wheel lift. It shows two separate parts:

1st part - shows an item that looks like the Part 1 of Exhibit D with an addition and a change. There is a flat bar labelled "L-Arm" inserted from the bottom into the bend unlabelled items and attached to the item that looks like a screw. This flat bar has a small plate attached at the bottom. This small plate looks almost square and is placed sideways, leaning from top left to bottom right. The receiver in this part is shown as a sideways "S" on top of the bend unlabelled item on the top right.

2nd part - shows a tire that looks like Part 2 of Exhibit D with an addition. There is a flat bar labelled "L-Arm" inserted from the bottom and attached to the Alignment Pin. The flat bar has a sideways "S" at the bottom third labelled "Arm." At the bottom of the L-Arm is another piece attached to the right. This piece labelled "Wheel Retainer Plate" looks like several thin plates attached together horizontally with what looks like three screws inserted equidistant at the top.

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Updated January 16, 2023