Facilities-Based Competition In Mass Market Telecom: A Period Of Rapid Change : Description Of The "Percentage Of U.S. Households With Only Wireless Telephone Service" Chart Shown On Slide 8

Line chart showing percentage of U.S. households with only wireless telephone service.

The Y-axis shows percentages from 0-14 in increments of 2. The X-axis shows a timeline from June-03 through Dec-06 in six-months increments.

The percentage of households is shown as follows:

June-03 = 2.90%
Dec-03 = 3.50%
June-04 = 4.40%
Dec-04 = 5.40%
June-05 = 6.70%
Dec-05 = 7.70%
June-06 = 9.60%
Dec-06 = 11.80%

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Updated June 25, 2015

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