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Figure 3

The spreadsheet detailing this chart was not provided. The following is an approximation of the information found in the chart.


Current offering - scale from weak to strong.
Strategy - scale from weak to strong.
Performance - scale from risky bets contenders to strong performers to leaders.
Market presence - scale from presence (1) to major presence (4).

Company Current offering Strategy Performance Market presence
PeopleSoft Strong Strong Leader 4
Oracle Strong - slighthly below PeopleSoft Strong Leader 3
SAP Strong - same level as Oracle Stronger than PeopleSoft and Oracle Leader - above PeopleSoft and Oracle 4
Ultimate Above average but below Oracle and SAP Stronger than PeopleSoft and Oracle Leader - about same level as SAP 1
Ceridian Above average but below Ultimate Slightly above average Strong perfomer 2
Lawson Above average - same level as Ceridian Strong - same level as PeopleSoft and Oracle Weak leader - just above the strong performer category 2
Kronos Slightly above average Above average - stronger than Ceridian Strong performer - slightly higher than Ceridian 2

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Updated August 14, 2015