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Gartner Group Magic Quadrant

Gartner Group Magic Quadrant

A square divided into 4 quadrants. On the left of the square, centered, is the label Ability to Execute. At the bottom, centered, is the label Completeness of Vision.

The top left of the quadrant is labeled Challengers, the top right Leaders, the bottom left Niche Players, and the bottom right Visionaries.

A number of company names are displayed inside the square as follows:

  • Top left quadrant - none.
  • Top right quadrant - SAP, PeopleSoft, and Oracle. Ability to Execute: SAP is located right over the line dividing Challengers and Leaders quadrants. PeopleSoft and Oracle are less than 1/4 into the Leaders quadrant. Completeness of Vision: SAP and PeopleSoft are next to each other, approximately 3/4 down from the top. Oracle is right below PeopleSoft.
  • Bottom left quadrant - Cyborg, JD OW, Ceridian, ADP, GEAC. Ability to Execute: Cyborg and JD OW are at the top 1/4, Ceridian about the middle, ADP is right below Ceridian, and GEAC is about 3/4 down from the top. Completeness of Vision: Cyborg is approximately in the middle of the quadrant, JD OW is over 3/4 inside, close to the line dividing Niche Players and Visionaries. Ceridian is between Cyborg and JD OW. ADP is over 1/4 into the quadrant. GEAC is almost in the center.
  • Bottm right quadrant - Lawson is the only one listed. Ability to Execute: Lawson is located in the Visionaries quadrant, just a very small space from the line dividing Leaders and Visionaries. Completeness of Vision: Lawson is located in the Visionaries quadrant, immediately over the line dividing Niche Player and Visionaries.

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Updated August 14, 2015