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HCW-00017 Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute (Milen, Karen)

Submission Number: 00017
Received:3/16/2015 7:32:09 PM
Commenter: KarenMilen
Organization:Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute

Agency: Federal Trade Commission
Initiative:FTC, DOJ to Host Second Public Workshop on Examining U.S. Health Care Competition; Project No. P13-1207
Attachments: No Attachments
Submission Text
As a Nurse Practitioner in Tennessee I am unable to admit patients to the largest mental health hospital in the state of Tennessee due to an antiquated TCA rule. TCA 33 forbids any other than an MD to admit patients. As a full time NP on the forensic unit at the hospital I am allowed to assess, treat, and discharge patients, but not allowed to admit due to this antiquated rule. There is a shortage of psychiatrists willing to work at the state hospital and as a result of the shortage and TCA 33, there is ALWAYS a backlog and waiting list for patients to be admitted. These patients spend 3-4 days at emergency rooms, and local jails just because they're on the waiting list for the state hospital. If NP's in Tennessee had Full Practice Authority(FPA), the backlog could be greatly decreased and maybe even eliminated. I am also on staff at a local hospital and work the ER as a side job. I find it interesting that I can admit patients at that hospital for pneumonia, strokes, heart attacks (all life threatening emergencies), but due to current Tennessee law regarding FPA in Tennessee I cannot admit a patient to the psychiatric hospital I work at if they are a threat to themselves or others due to TCA 33 and Tennessee Nurse Practitioners not having FPA.
Updated April 7, 2016