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HCW-00024 Robert C Byrd Clinic (Mann, Cindy)

Submission Number: 00024
Received:3/17/2015 10:08:44 PM
Commenter: CindyMann
Organization:Robert C Byrd Clinic
State:West Virginia

Agency: Federal Trade Commission
Initiative:FTC, DOJ to Host Second Public Workshop on Examining U.S. Health Care Competition; Project No. P13-1207
Attachments: No Attachments
Submission Text
Everyday I see 15-20 pt as an NP, but everyday I have to tell a pt that I will not be able to see them bc I am not allow to prescribe some of their medications. So they have to find another provider which is nearly impossible to do. To me, it is ABSOLUTLY ridiculous that I am trusted to take care of your heart, blood pressure, diabetic issues, put sutures in you when needed, or anything else they throw on my daily schedule but I am not trusted to treat your pain you are having bc they don't trust me with narcotics!!!!!!! REALLY??? WV makes it very hard to give good pt care I am very proud of my state and I make every effort to give the very best care I can for every person I see. But it saddens me when I have to tell a pt that I can't help them bc their government and the nursing board doesn't trust me to do so. We are the one of the poorest states for health care, So WHY do you all continue to make it harder for our people to get health care?? Your doctors DONT want to see these people so why not give NPs the authority to care for them!!!
Updated April 7, 2016