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HCW-00050 MacKinnon Anesthesia PLLC (MacKinnon, Mike)

Submission Number: 00050
Received:4/28/2015 11:37:49 PM
Commenter: MikeMacKinnon
Organization:MacKinnon Anesthesia PLLC

Agency: Federal Trade Commission
Initiative:FTC, DOJ to Host Second Public Workshop on Examining U.S. Health Care Competition; Project No. P13-1207
Attachments: No Attachments
Submission Text
As a CRNA (Nurse Anesthetist) who practices independently (no anesthesiologists) in a small rural community where there would otherwise be no access to care, i am happy with how the FTC has been giving opinions espousing free trade. I am frustrated and sick of the physician lobby trying to suppress competition by constantly trying to legislate control over nurse practitioners (and CRNAs) in order to make sure we cannot compete against them. The next big thing the FTC should consider is taking a more active role. Some multistate corporations such as Banner Health have medical staffs whom make all the rules. Of course they do not allow NPs or CRNAs on these staffs or to vote and yet everything that needs to happen MUST be voted on by them. It is one of the highest forms of anti-competitive practices and certainly edges upon a sherman act violation. Afterall, if the entire decision making for how an NP can practice in large muti state corporations to those who have a vested interest in keeping them from being able to compete (physicians) isnt that restriction of trade? This is something which really needs to be investigated.
Updated April 7, 2016