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How Microsoft Stops Competition And Harms Consumers


This image shows two circles labeled Software Developer (in the bottom left corner) and Consumer (in the top right corner) linked by a highway. Between the two circles are three red stop signs, from bottom left to top right, with a label in the center. Beside each stop sign is a box with additional text.

Stop Sign 1: Undermine Functionality Development and Product Support

  • Restrict functionality
  • Prevent developers from focusing on non-Microsoft products
  • Deceive developers into supporting proprietary products
  • Undermine compatibility
  • Prevent support for competing products

Stop Sign 2: Close Down Distribution

  • Exclusionary deals with Internet Access Providers
  • Prevent computer manufacturers from preinstalling non-Microsoft products
  • Commingling code to make it hard to preinstall non-Microsoft products

Stop Sign 3: Deny Customer Choice

  • Force bundles so OEMs won’t install competing software
  • Control the boot screen and desktop
  • Restrict icons and add/remove buttons

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Updated August 14, 2015