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Introduction To Xohm : Description Of The "Pervasive Broadband Experience" Diagram Shown On Slide 3

This diagram shows the expansion of broadband across various devices in 2008 and 2009-2011.
Consumer ElectronicsMPS player, camcorder, cameraMPS players, cameras, camcorders, wearables, kids
Embedded Portable DevicesPDA, PMP, gamingSecurity, eBook, in-case, entertainment, gaming, PMP
HandsetsHigh-tierHigh-tier, mid-tier, low-tier
Embedded PC devicesPerf. Laptop, tablet, UMPCEnterprise, value laptop, UMPC
Ext. attached PC cardsPCMCIA cardSDIO card, USB card, mini-access point
ModemsVideo conf., 4G modem, VoiPCorp. LAN, VPN, gateway, video conf.

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Updated June 25, 2015