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July 2003 Model Of Oracle's Projection Of Declines In License, Maintenance, And Professional Services Costs For PeopleSoft And J.D. Edwards Combined

The chart shows the July 2003 Model of Oracle's Projection of Declines in License, Maintenance, and Professional Services Costs for PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards combined (in millions of dollars).

The total license, maintenance, and professional services costs are show as follows: FY03 1,068, FY05E 246 (77% decline), continuing with a slight decline in FY06E and FY07E, to 224 (79% decline) in FY08E. Oracle does not call these cost declines efficiencies: "these [costs] are directly related to revenue and are thus impacted by movements in revenue. This makes it more difficult to call them 'efficiencies' since there is a mixture of efficiencies and just effects of lower revenue."*

Professional services costs are shown as follows: FY03 764, FY05E 134 (82%), continuing with a slight decline in FY06E and FY07E, to 127 (83%) in FY08E.

Other numbers in this chart are are not readable, but also show a decline.

Notes: Charts exclude FY04 since the July 2003 Model only provides partial year forecast for FY04.

Source: July 2003 Model (Plaintiff's Exhibit 3004). For FY03 J.D. Edwards numbers, source is Oracle spreadsheet dated July 7, 2003 (Plaintiff's Exhibit 901).

* See "Acquisition Efficiencies Analysis" summary chart (Defendants' Exhibit 7132).

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Updated August 14, 2015