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Kodak And Section 2 Of The Sherman Act Timeline

Kodak and Section 2 of the Sherman Act Timeline

1921 - U.S. v. Kodak

  • Consent decree prohibiting sale of private label film

1954 - U.S. v. Kodak

  • 2nd consent decree prohibiting tying film to photofinishing sales

1979 - Berkey Photo v. Kodak (2d Cir.)

  • No obligation to pre-disclose new products to competitor
  • Truthful advertising does not offend §2

1991 - ITS v. Kodak(U.S. Sup. Court)

  • Single brand derivative after markets

1994 - Kodak v. U.S.

  • Termination of 1921 and 1954 consent decree restrictions due to changed market conditions

1996 - ITS v. Kodak (9th Circuit)

  • IP owner痴 right to refuse to deal limited by motives

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Updated June 25, 2015

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