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Lawson And Hyperion For Consolidation

Lawson and Hyperion for consolidation

Same as the previous image. This image is also surrounded on all sides by circles, some of them which have been crossed out. The circles contain the following text:
1. Consolidate
2. Re-organize (crossed out)
3. Realtime (crossed out)
4. Configure (crossed out)
5. Secure Data (crossed out)
6. Shared Date (crossed out)
7. Drill Down (crossed out)

Below this there are two acronyms, FMS and HRMS.

Below these are four boxes. The first box contains the text Hyperion. Two arrows from below are poiting to it. Below the arrows are two boxes with the text Lawson Company. There is a third box next to these two also with the text Lawson Company but with no arrow above it pointing up.

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Updated August 14, 2015