Legacy Antitrust Judgment

U.S. v. The American Sugar Refining Company, et al.

Case Open Date: November 28, 1910

Final Judgment May 9, 1922

Modification February 25, 1927

Modification May 9, 1944

Public Comments

Members of the public wishing to comment on the possible termination of this judgment should submit comments to JudgmentTerminationComments@usdoj.gov by the deadline stated below. The subject line of comments submitted should identify the relevant case name and docket number for the judgment.

Comment Deadline: July 8, 2019

Privacy and Confidentiality Notice:

Comments and responses thereto may be filed with the court, published in the Federal Register or posted on the U.S. Department of Justice Internet Website. Information that is submitted in connection with this matter cannot be maintained as confidential by the Department of Justice. Written submissions should not include any information that the submitting person or entity seeks to preserve as private or confidential.

Updated June 6, 2019

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