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Mandatory And Immediate Reporting Of Suspected Loss Or Theft Of Laptops, Blackberries, Cell Phones, And Other Portable Electronic Devices And Division Data In Any Format, Including Electronic And Hard Copy

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Mandatory and Immediate Reporting of Suspected Loss or Theft of
Laptops, Blackberries, Cell Phones, and Other Portable Electronic Devices and
Division Data in Any Format, Including Electronic and Hard Copy


(Certification Requirement for All Division Employees and Contractors at Bottom of Page)

The suspected loss, theft and/or damage of any Antitrust Division Portable Electronic Device issued to or used by an employee or contractor of the Antitrust Division MUST, without exception, be pursued in accord with the policies outlined below. These policies also apply to the suspected loss or theft of Division data in any format, including electronic and hard copy.

Portable Electronic Devices include, but are not limited to, laptop computers, cell phones, Blackberries, personal digital assistants, pagers, two-way radios, and wireless e-mail devices.

If a Portable Electronic Device is missing, damaged or suspected to be lost or stolen, or any Division data is suspected to be lost or stolen, the user MUST:

  • IMMEDIATELY contact the ATR Helpdesk on 202-353-2874 (Eastern Time regular business hours) or 202-353-5278 (after hours, weekends, and holidays). This call must be made and a Help Desk person contacted even if after official work hours. The user is required to record the name of the analyst contacted and the date and time of the contact for reference. (Upon immediate notification by the user, the Help Desk will implement a notification protocol within the Division that provides for the Department to be advised of any equipment and/or data loss within one hour of its suspected loss.)
  • Within 12 hours notify the Division's Security Programs Manager in Washington, DC, so a theft report may be initiated, if appropriate.
  • For Portable Electronic Devices only, within 12 hours notify the designated Custodial Officer or Portable Equipment Coordinator. This individual must then complete a "Report of Survey" (Form OBD-216) and forward the completed form and supporting documentation, such as police reports, etc., to the Antitrust Division, Executive Office, Support Services Staff.

All users of assigned Portable Electronic Devices (PED) and Division data in any format are responsible for safeguarding the assigned PED and any data used from theft, loss or destruction. The following guidelines must be followed when transporting and using a PED or Division data outside of Antitrust Division office space:

  • When a PED or Division data is not in the immediate custody of the user, it must be stored in a secure, locked location (e.g., desk, file cabinet, safe).
  • The PED or Division data must not be left unattended in a vehicle unless secured in the trunk or other fully lockable location that is an integral part of the vehicle. Any such storage must be temporary and not be overnight.
  • When the user is on either official or personal travel, a Division-issued PED must accompany the individual either on-person or in carry-on luggage. The PED may never be checked in baggage.


I acknowledge my responsibility for the reasonable care and protection of Division property assigned to and data used by me, which includes immediately notifying the Division of the suspected loss, theft and/or damage to any assigned electronic equipment and the suspected loss or theft of any Division data.

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Updated December 7, 2020