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Mizell Bros Co. Invoice For Wes-Co Int'l Inc

Mizell Bros Co. Invoice for Wes-Co Int'l Inc

Invoice Date: 06/15/95
Invoice Number: 11043
Customer Order Date: 06/12/95
Customer Order Number: 7414
Freight: Prepaid
Date Shipped: 06/15/95
Ship Via: CSE, W/O 8762-18

Insulation Rolls: 15
Insulation Length: 34.00
Ordered: 2550
Back Ordered: 0
Unit: SF
Description: G.F.I. R-10 APPROX 3" X 60" WITH VW-UL25 EMB WHITE VINYL 2-3" TABS 66"
Price: 240.00
Per: M
Gross Extension: 612.00 Net Total:

Merchandise Total: 612.00
Terms: Net 30 Days
Freight Charges: 69.81
State Sales Tax: TN
Sales Tax Rate: 8.250
Sales Tax Amount: 50.49
Pay This Amount (Total): 732.30

Number (Unidentified): MB0317783
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Updated August 14, 2015