Notice Of Depositions : U.S. V. VISA U.S.A. Inc., VISA International Corp., And MasterCard International Inc.

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98 Civ. 7076 (BSJ)



PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that plaintiff, the United States of America, will take the depositions upon oral examination of the following parties, commencing at 9 a.m. on the dates indicated (unless otherwise agreed), and continuing from day to day until completion, at locations to be mutually agreed upon with counsel for each deponent. The column entitled "# of Days" sets forth the Government's current best estimate of the number of days necessary to complete the deposition. This information is provided as a courtesy to defendants and is not intended to bind the Government with respect to the length of the deposition. The column entitled "Videotape" is intended to describe the Government's current intention as to whether that deposition will be videotaped. Should the Government's expectations with respect to the length of the deposition or its videotapin g change, the Government shall so inform counsel.

Deponent Party Date # of Days Videotape
Jan Soderstrom Visa International 9/13/99 1 No
Vince Boston Visa International 9/14/99 1 No
John Wankmueller MasterCard International 9/15/99 1 No
Dick Haggadorn Visa USA 9/16/99 1 No
Una Somerville Visa International 9/17/99 1 No
Pete Gustafson Visa USA 9/20/99 2 No
Bennett Katz Visa International 9/21/99 2 Yes
Paul Allen Visa USA 9/23/99 2 No
Robert Selander MasterCard International 9/27/99 1 Yes
Noah Hanft MasterCard International 9/28/99 1 No
Tony Lewis Visa USA 9/29/99 1 No
Charles Cawley MasterCard International 9/30/99 1 No
William Sheedy Visa USA 10/1/99 1 Yes
G. Patrick Phillips Visa USA 10/4/99 1 No
Vic Dahir Visa USA 10/5/99 1 No
Steve Herz Visa International 10/6/99 1 No
Donald L. Boudreau MasterCard International 10/7/99 1 No
Bill Moore Visa USA 10/8/99 1 No
James Partridge Visa International 10/12/99 1 No
Chris Thom MasterCard International 10/13/99 1 No
Ron Zebeck MasterCard International 10/14/99 1 No
Mary Johnsson MasterCard International 10/15/99 1 No
Ron Schmidt Visa USA 10/18/99 1 No
Bob Stock Visa USA 10/19/99 1 No
Andrejz Lubowski Visa USA 10/20/99 1 Yes
Michael Beindorff Visa USA 10/21/99 2 No
Derek Fry Visa International 10/22/99 1 No
Daniel Eitington Visa International 10/25/99 1 No
Wes Talman Visa USA/International 10/26/99 2 No
Judith Caputo MasterCard International 10/28/99 1 No
Carl Pascarella Visa USA 10/29/99 1 Yes
Robert Norton MasterCard International 11/1/99 1 No
Francine Schall Visa USA 11/2/99 2 Yes
William Boardman Visa International 11/4/ 99 1 No
Malcolm Williamson Visa International 11/5/99 1 No
Ed Hogan MasterCard International 11/8/99 1 No
Alan Heuer MasterCard International 11/9/99 1 No

In addition to the specific individuals listed above, the Government also will take the deposition upon oral examination, pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 30(b)(6), of the person(s) at (i) Visa International and (ii) MasterCard knowledgeable with respect to the effects on competition between and among Visa, MasterCard, and American Express as a result of the actual or expected issuance of American Express cards by member banks of Visa and/or MasterCard to consumers in the following locations: (a) Puerto Rico, (b) United Kingdom, (c) Israel, (d) France, (e) Portugal, (f) Turkey, and (g) Canada. The Government requests that these 30(b)(6) depositions take place on September 22, 1999 for the Visa witness(es) and September 25, 1999 for the MasterCard witness(es). The Government further requests that counsel identify for the Government, on or before August 1, 1999, the person(s) Visa International and MasterCard intend to put forth as their witnesses for these Rule 30(b)(6) depositions.

You are invited to attend and participate in each of these depositions.

Melvin Schwarz (MS8604)
Special Counsel for Civil Enforcement
(202) 305-3652

Steven Semeraro (SS8817)
Scott Scheele (SS0496)
Jeffrey Steger (JS7416)
Trial Attorneys
U.S. Department of Justice
Antitrust Division
325 7th Street, N.W., Room 300
Washington, DC 20530
(202) 616-5935

Dated: Washington, D.C.
June 23, 1999

Updated August 14, 2015

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