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P0021: Oracle - Presentation: PeopleSoft - Customers / Employees / Suppliers, People Power The Internet

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PeopleSoft Logo

CUSTOMERS • EMPLOYEES • SUPPLIERS People power the internet. ™

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  • Introduction
  • PeopleSoft 8, Customization Hell with 100% Internet?
  • PeopleSoft Portal vs. Oracle Portal
  • PeopleSoft Demos and Sales Kits
  • PeopleSoft Mail List
  • Questions

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PeopleSoft Competitive Program

  • Rolling Series of Campaigns Suitable for All Sales Organizations (GB, Maj, OPI, OSI, CRM)
  • Highlight a New Topic Every 6-8 Weeks
  • Get Field Feedback on Success
  • PeopleSoft Win and Loss Case Studies
  • Collect Field Sales Information and Tactics
  • Focused Competitive Effort in Development

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Russell Pike is leading an initiative for Ron Wohl to collect information that can be exploited to neutralize PeopleSoft. He is creating (has created) a team of people from the field sales organizations, marketing, development and partners and will coordinate and share information with everyone.

The purpose is simple yet very important:

  1. Arm the field sales forces with the information they need to neutralize Peoplesoft in our sales opportunities,
  2. Arm the Development organizations with information they need to plan product development,
  3. Arm the marketing organizations with the information they need to drive our product messages and share information with analysts.

To be successful your participation, specifically, your input and feedback is necessary. Please choose to be part of the solution in negating Peoplesoft in the ERP and CRM marketplaces by sharing information and providing PSINFO_US with suggestions on what you need to be more successful against Peoplesofts sales efforts. Email PSINFO_us with your comments and questions or speak with Russell PUke (703)762-4072 or Melanie Harp (703)762-4030 directly.


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PeopleSoft 8: Topic 1

Customization Hell with the
PeopleSoft Internet Architecture

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PeopleSoft8 Internet Architecture

  • 100% Pure Internet is a Lie
  • Poor Architecture and Interface Forces Customers into Customization Hell

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With Release 8 of PeopleSoft, first introduced mid 2000, Peoplesoft started claiming that they were now '100% Pure Internet' and there is 'no code on the client'.

This is simply NOT TRUE!

I will explain how PeopleSoft's claim is a total lie. We will talk about how their internet architecture is lacking in functionality and is forcing customers into Customization Hell. Their architecture has no flexibility at both the user and enterprise level.

Oracle provides rich functionality for end users of all types and complete flexibility allowing our customers to implement with no customizations - the holy grail of software. CONFIDENTIAL ORCL-EDOC-009030001

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100% Pure Internet is a Lie

  • "PeopleSoft 8 requires No Software on the Client?"
    • Large Pieces of PeopleSoft must be Loaded onto the Client for'Power Users' Including...
    • PeopleTools must be installed on the client to allow even the slightest customization
    • PeopleTools are client side Windows Based products. PeopleSoft has No plans to change this.
    • Crystal Reports, nVision, SQR are required to be installed on the client to modify or create reports
    • PeopleTools Workflow is a client side application

Lets See What PeopleSoft Says...

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In previous versions of PeopleSoft they would emphasize how important it was for users to customize screens, telling users how important it was for users to be able to customize the applications to meet their specific needs. Of course, to make ANY change to the Peoplesoft Applications you must use PeopleTools - and PeopleTools is a 100% Proprietary Windows based tool.

BEWARE PeopleSoft Does provide a menu link called 'PeopleTools' with their HTML based product. This provides some limited options to review reports, use queries, trees and review worklists etc. It is NOT the full PeopleSoft PeopleTools product set.

Any reporting, other than just submitting and viewing reports, requires users to have the CLIENT SERVER reporting tools loaded on their PC's. If you think about it everyone in finance/accounting wants and needs the ability to create and modify reports, and of course, the entire MIS staff will need the client server Peoplesoft applications loaded an their machines too.

PeopleSoft's Web Based Tree Manager (which is brand new) is available on the latest PeopleSoft demo environments. It is VERY (missing text) CONFIDENTIAL ORCL-EDOC-009030002

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100% Pure Internet is a Lie

  • Minimum Software Requirements for PeopleSoft's PeopleTools 'Power User" Client*
    • Windows NT or 2000 ONLY (no Windows 95 or 98)
    • PeopleTools 8.15 itself,100-300 mb
    • NetExpress COBOL Version 3.0120 mb
    • SQR Version 6.1.4,20 mb
    • Crystal Version 8,65 mb
    • ESSBASE Version 6,35 mb
    • Cognos PowerPlay, Version 6.652 mb
    • VISIO (for Workflow),25 mb
    • Microsoft Office 97 and 2000,130 mb
     547 mb MINIMUM
*PeopleSoft 8.15 Hardware and Software Requirements, Chapter 3

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Wow! Nine separate pieces of software on the client from nine different vendors. Good luck with version control, support and maintenance. Good luck with training the end users on all of this stuff. Hope your budget and staff can accommodate the headaches this will cause in your organization.

We're talking about quite a bit of software.

A total nightmare.

PeopleSoft will try to say this is only for developers but remember everyone in finance/accounting creates and modifies reports. To do that you need the reporting tools loaded on the client.

This information is from PeopleSoft's own 'Hardware and Software requirements' document for the current release, 8.15 CONFIDENTIAL ORCL-EDOC-009030003

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100% Pure Internet is a Lie

  • "PeopleSoft is the only pure internet product"
    • PeopleSoft is built using 'PeopleTools' a 100% Proprietary client Server Environment
    • PeopleSoft Uses HTML and 'Java Script'
    • To Allow the use of HTML PeopleSoft's Applications User Interface is now Pathetic
    • PeopleSoft is Taking the Lowest Common Denominator User Interface to Every Applications User

Let's Take a Look

Oracle Logo

PeopleSoft likes to talk about being the only 'pure' internet solution. This is strange as it is built using a totally proprietary development tool called 'PeopleTools'. Remember, outside of PeopleSoft customers NO ONE uses PeopleTools for development. There are NO CUSTOMERS of PeopleTools only - ZERO, NADA, NONE.

Despite claiming they are 'pure HTML' and that Oracle Applications are not internet because we use JAVA, PeopleSoft applications use some Java Script to try to spice up the user interface and provide some features like a nice looking calendar.

PeopleSoft is 10% HTML (and JAVA Script) and 90% PeopleTools.

Because PeopleSoft uses only HTML and some very basic JAVA script they have a weak user interface. It is especially weak for people who use the applications a lot, the group we refer to as 'professional users'. Peoplesoft has created an application which casual users (those users who add an occasional expense report or HR related change) but the application is hopeless for the power or professional user (the core or applications users). CONFIDENTIAL ORCL-EDOC-009030004

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Unidentified PeopleSoft application screen shot[D]

Oracle Logo

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder but personally I do not think this screen is attractive.

Take a closer you see a field called 'setid' - what is that? Why should a user need to remember some cryptic code like that?

Don't you just love those yellow buttons...

Now think about how a user would work with multiple panels at the same time (they do not)!

Let's look at another screen shot...


Slide 10

Unidentified PeopleSoft application screen shot[D]

Oracle Logo

I see more cryptic ID's

Look at their use of tabs

See the breadcrumbs

Notice no Toolbar (thus no tools)

This is no user interface to be afraid of


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What About Oracle ?

  • Oracle Requires the only the jinitiator on the client machine
    • It is very Small 8mb
    • It is automatically downloaded ONCE with each major release of the Oracle Applications (every 12-18 months)
    • Downloads in approx 30 seconds on a regular network connection
    • Enables Oracle to deliver a High Performance, Flexible, Feature Rich Suite of Applications for All Users

Oracle Logo

PeopleSoft talks a lot about Oracle not being an internet application because we user JAVA and require a small piece of software on the client.

Hopefully you now see this for what it is, nothing.

Peoplesoft will tell prospects things like:

"it takes 20 minutes to download, it is loaded every time and for every form" - complete garbage.

In your demos make sure you set the record straight, don't be defensive. Oracle's great UI and performance features more than outweigh the requirement for an automatic download of a small file once every 12 to 18 months. Especially in comparison to PeopleSoft's power user requirements.


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Poor User Interface and Architecture Leads to Customization Hell

  • PeopleSoft 8 has No Inherent Flexibility Outside of Using PeopleTools
    • No User Flexibility
    • Little Enterprise Level Flexibility
  • In PeopleSoft Every Change is a Customization. Customers end up with Hundreds of Customizations
  • Even Simple Customizations are Made by MIS
  • Customizations made in Earlier Releases are Not Migrated to Release 8

Oracle Logo

If we just look at the user experience in PeopleSoft there is NO flexibility for users unless a user is authorized and prepared to load up Peopletools (and the required other products) and make development changes themselves though this is absurd Peopletools really isn't an end user tool.

But I guess users could request MIS to code changes for them. Again, every change is a customization which must be manually recoded through patches and upgrades.

Peoplesoft has no equivalent to the 'Folder' type features Oracle provides.

These are important features for users who work with the products a lot or who must review the same data in slightly different ways. For example dealing with Foreign Currency Transactions you would want to be able to see the rate type but for regular domestic transactions you do not need to see these fields. In PeopleSoft this is a costly, complicated PeopleTools development effort which must be manually recoded with every upgrade or patch.

In Oracle this is a point and click folder operation completed by an end user in 5 seconds and fully upgraded. In Oracle users can (missing text)


Slide 13

Poor User Interface and Architecture Leads to Customization Hell

  • PeopleSoft : No User Flexibility
  • Oracle : Complete User Flexibility
    • Portal
    • Folders for Screen Layout (Prompts, Field Orders, Size)
    • Customized Queries in Folders
    • Attachments
    • Document Navigator
    • User Defined Favorites (Reports, Forms)
    • Create Custom Reporting (No Client Tools Required)
    • Multiple Forms Open at the Same Time

Oracle Logo

If we just look at the user experience in PeopleSoft there is NO flexibility for users unless a user is authorized and prepared to load up Peopletools (and the required other products) and make development changes themselves though this is absurd Peopletools really isn't an end user tool.

But I guess users could request MIS to code changes for them. Again, every change is a customization which must be manually recoded through patches and upgrades.

Peoplesoft has no equivalent to the 'Folder' type features Oracle provides.

These are important features for users who work with the products a lot or who must review the same data in slightly different ways. For example dealing with Foreign Currency Transactions you would want to be able to see the rate type but for regular domestic transactions you do not need to see these fields. In PeopleSoft this is a costly, complicated PeopleTools development effort which must be manually recoded with every upgrade or patch.

In Oracle this is a point and click folder operation completed by an end user in 5 seconds and fully upgraded. In Oracle users can (missing text)


Slide 14

Poor User Interface and Architecture Leads to Customization Hell

  • PeopleSoft : Little Enterprise Flexibility
  • Oracle : Complete Enterprise Flexibility
    • Key Flexfields Across All Application Areas
    • Descriptive FlexFields Across All Application Areas
    • Extensions
    • Applications Programming Interfaces (API's)
    • JAVA Class Extensions (iStore, etc.)
    • Web Based Workflows
    • Menus, Responsibilities, Requests, Hierarchies
    • HRMS Fast Formulas
    • HR Forms Configurator

Oracle Logo

At the Enterprise level PeopleSoft provides some very basic configuration ability in the area of the chart of accounts structure (called chartfields). Peoplesoft also provides the ability to integrate outside applications using XML.

Oracle the applications have been designed from the ground up to provide extensive configuration without customization to code through the use of:

Key Flexfields across the applications in all key business structures
Descriptive Flexfields for capturing and reporting of additional data
Extensions for inserting custom code without effecting the delivered applications code
The Ability to add custom JAVA classes to customize applications like iStore again without effecting the core product

and allowing upgrades and easy maintenance.
Customized workflows
and all the other features around custom menus, responsibilities and access to reports delivered in the Oracle Applications Technology.
(Unreadable text)


Slide 15

Poor User Interface and Architecture Leads to Customization Hell

  • Customization, "A change to the delivered code in any part of the Application"
  • Oracle Allows Customers to Implement with ZERO Customizations
    • The Largest Steel Manufacturer in the World
    • A complex 24x7 Business
    • Implemented the Full eBusiness Suite (ALL MODULES)
    • ZERO Customizations
  • Reuters and Level 3 Communications (HRMS)
  • Work with Your Local Sales Teams to Get Local References

Oracle Logo

Just to be clear, a Peoplesoft customization is a CHANGE to the delivered code.

As well as the items I mentioned in the previous slide, Oracle can provide configuration in areas where other systems need to be interfaced. Oracle does this WITHOUT changes to the existing code through the use of API's and Extensions. Peoplesoft is very weak in this area.

API's and extensions are specifically designed to allow customers to integrate their existing systems WITHOUT CUSTOMIZATION.

Oracle allows customers to implement with ZERO customizations. This has always been the 'utopia' of software applications. Oracle is the only one delivering this powerful solution with the customers to prove it.

See the Aberdeen report on ADSWEB titles 'The Perils of Customization in Enterprise Software:..."


Slide 16

More User Interface Issues

  • Only One Panel Open at a Time (Must User Multiple Browser Sessions)
  • No Attachments
  • No Active Graphical Items (Charts, Diagrams)
  • No 'Drag and Drop'
  • Complex and Difficult Menus
  • Multiple windows for simple Lists of Values

Oracle Logo

Additional user interface issues include:

Peoplesoft can only display one screen at a time. How do you cut and paste? How do you review multiple pieces of information? Can you imagine this limitation as a user? - point it out.

No attachments - important for supporting data

None of the graphical items that Oracle has (graphs, diagrams, etc)

No drag and drop (good examples in the MFG workbench and HRMS)

PeopleSoft's HTML based applications have exceedingly large and complex menu structures (because of the huge number of small panels they use). This is very painful for users.

A small thing but the logic and use of the simple list of values is again, very painful. When you click on the 'looking glass' button it (missing text)


Slide 17

Summary : Topic 1

  • PeopleSoft's '100% Pure Internet', 'No Code
  • on the Client' is a Lie
  • PeopleSoft Has No Inherent Flexibility
  • Every Change, No Matter How Small is a Customization
  • Customizations Are Not Migrated During Patching or Upgrade
  • PeopleSoft's User Interface is Poor

Oracle Logo

To summarize;

PeopleSoft's '100% Pure Internet', 'No Code on the Client' claim is a lie.
(We have seen how this is false and that PeopleSoft recommends more than 500mb of client side code).

PeopleSoft offers no Flexibility for end users in their applications. Every change, no matter how small is a customization, these customizations are not migrated during patching or upgrades. I cannot emphasize this enough. Any rational customer when faced with
a] configuration Utopia with zero customizations or
b] customization hell should go with Oracle, the clear choice.
The increased cost and complexity of a PeopleSoft solution vs. an Oracle solution is unbelievable, see the Vision website for analyst reports to support the high cost of customizing erp applications.

Peoplesoft's user interface is weak (and their screens are ugly).


Slide 18

What Can We Do Now?

  • Emphasize Cost of Customizations
    • Use Sales Reps and IT staff to explain the message
  • Use 'No Customization' References
    • Make PeopleSoft provide 'Upgrade' References
  • Make PeopleSoft Demo
    • Creation of New Reports (Crystal, nVision)
    • Modification of Panel (Form) using only the internet
  • Refer to their PeopleTools as a Proprietary Client Server Tool (this is 100% accurate)
  • Do a Full User Interface Demo
  • Demo the Flexibility of the Apps
  • Use ADSWeb and Portal to Configure the Demo

Oracle Logo

Make sure these issues are raised.

Have your Sales Reps and your internal coaches carry these messages to the decision makers. Make sure the users and decision makers understand the high dollar costs of customizations (see website for analyst report). Make sure decision makers understand the cost in dollar and people terms that customization will make on their enterprise and not just the initial costs but the ongoing costs of maintaining these changes. Use local references where Oracle has been implemented with zero or limited customizations.

Force PeopleSoft to demo ALL of their product over the internet, especially steps with CREATING REPORTS and MODIFYING TREES. Don't let them get away with just very basic stuff.

Make sure everyone understand that the only way to make changes, regardless of how large or small, is with PeopleTools

Start every demo with a good UI/Overview demo focusing on (missing text)


Slide 19

A Competition:

Create the Best Beat PeopleSoft

Oracle Overview Demo

  • 15-30 minutes Max
  • Focusing on User Interface, Flexibility, Portal
  • Suitable for ALL Users in ANY Product Area
  • Send it to
  • Include PowerPoints and Demo Script with Talking Points (and or a video)
  • Demos will be Tested and Shared
  • Prizes Will Be Awarded

Oracle Logo

Like I said at the beginning of this presentation, we want your participation and feedback.

So now I would like to solicit demonstration scripts from you, the people on the front lines. What we're looking for is the ultimate anti PeopleSoft overview demo.

Send them to and I will review them and announce a winner(with a prize) on our next call.

We are planning to host worldwide webcast where the finalists can do their pitch.


Slide 20

PeopleSoft 8: Topic 2

Portal, PeopleSoft vs. Oracle

Oracle Logo

The second topic for today is Portal, what Oracle has and what PeopleSoft is saying and delivering.


Slide 21

PeopleSoft 8.1 Portal

  • PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal (Tool)
  • PeopleSoft Employee Portal
  • PeopleSoft Customer Portal
  • PeopleSoft Supplier Portal
  • 200+ Seeded, 'Role Based' Portals
  • LDAP Integration
  • Workflow Notifications
  • Lot's of Flashy Third Party Portlets
    • email, weather, news, stocks, calendar, iSyndicate

Let's Take a Look...

Oracle Logo

With Peoplesoft's v8.1 they have included some portal functionality. Peoplesoft has delivered one tool - 'PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal' and three pre-defined portals, the
Employee Portal
Customer Portal and
Supplier Portal.

These portals provide some predefined links and navigation as well as some third party portlets for calendars, stocks, and weather etc. They also can provide some industry information. They provide approx 250 pre-defined portals based on roles. For example an HRMS Manager Portal, a Financial Manager Portal, a Financial User Portal, etc. These are all just slight variations on each other with either the same or slightly different navigation abilities. You need to ask if their tool is so easy to use why do they need to pre-create portals for every possible combination of user. This is a very strange step to take if your portal tool is integrated and easy for end-users to configure their portals as they wish. But that's the catch, end-users don't have choices because once again the MIS staff needs to configure and deliver the look and feel of all portals in the organization!


Slide 22

Planet PeopleSoft screen shot[D]


Slide 23

Personalized Planet PeopleSoft screen shot[D]


Slide 24

PeopleSoft8.1 Portal Continued

  • "PeopleSoft's Portal uses PeopleTools as its Development engine. No other solution has such a strong, proven tool kit."
      Are you kidding me....
  • What's Missing from these Portals?
      Relevant Business Data !
  • Compare this to Oracle

Let's Take a Look...

Oracle Logo

Peopletools a strong, proven tool kit?! Who are they fooling?

Forrester recently evaluated Portal Development software and Oracle was ranked #1, Peoplesoft wasn't evaluated because Forrester doesn't even recognize Peoplesoft as having a portal development tool, and rightly so, because they don't! Oracle does not have distribution rights to this specific report but it's a July 2001 report and you can find it on their website. You should also ask the reps in your office for other support on the tools story, share it with psinfo and we'll post it for you.

The thing missing from PeopleSoft's Portal is relevant business data. I have recently seen some isolated examples where PeopleSoft has tried to use some of their Enterprise Performance Management tools and Cognos to provide SOMETHING which looks business related on the portals.

It is all flashy junk, kind of like trying to manage your business with 'my yahoo'.

Oracle has a huge advantage here with Release 1li.4 which has just been rolled out to the field.


Slide 25

Vision Enterprises screen shot[D]

This screen shot from the current version of applications in ADS shows:

Custom navigation
Favorites lists
Self service functions
And any URL a user wants to add...

BUT most importantly DATA PORTLETS- Information directly from the applications.

Also notice the tabs, graphical and tabular information and reports that you can drill down from...

Let's take a look at the drilldown...


Slide 26

Drill down portal data screen shot[D]

Drill down from high level to detailed data, right from the portal.

Only Oracle allows this.

It show complete integration of the Portal and the applications.


Slide 27

Oracle Strenghts

  • More than 150 Seeded Data Type Portlets
  • Graphical and Tabular Formats
  • Drill Down to Data
  • Access to Any Third Party Portlets
  • Access to any URL
  • Excellent Flexibility and Usability of Portal
  • Direct Access to Applications Responsibilities
  • Direct Access to Reports and Workbooks

Oracle Logo

This is but one example.

Oracle has a big advantage here over PeopleSoft. We have a large number of seeded, real data portlets in both tabular and graphical formats where this make sense. There are new portlets coming all the time. We have full drill down from high level to detailed transactions.

Access to any third party portlets the customers organizations have access to (in Vision we have access to everything my Oracle has)

And direct links to any applications, reports and URLs.

All this is fully customizable by the user, no MIS intervention is needed with Oracle's Applications.

Oracle's 9iAS Portal was ranked #1 (of the six top Portal products) by Forrester in their recent eBusiness TechRankings report. PeopleSoft was not even considered a Portal solution worthy or coverage.


Slide 28

Summary: Topic 2

PeopleSoft's Portal looks nice at First Glance but is Weak for Business Users

  • Provides little / No Useful Business Data
  • Oracle Has a Strong Solution Which
    • Provides Great Flexibility
    • Delivers Useful Business Data
    • Provides Full Drill Down

    Oracle Logo

    You may think PeopleSoft's portal looks nice at first glance but is a very weak solution for business users.

    Oracle provides a very strong portal solution.

    Oracle's portal is very easy to use and flexible and can be used by anyone.


    Slide 29

    What Can We Do Now?

    • Always use the latest 11.5.4 Demo (Post Sept 01)
      • Currently the 8,9,10,13 ADS servers
    • Use ADSWeb to Customize the Portal with Customer Logos, Portlets
    • Always use the New Demo Script
      • "Demonstrating Oracle 11.5.4 Portal Script"
    • Point out that Business Portals are Useless without easy access to Real Business Information
    • Read the 'PeopleSoft 8 Portal' document on the Website (adsweb/demo docs/competition/PeopleSoft)

    Oracle Logo

    Leverage this information NOW. Peoplesoft recognizes they are at a disadvantage.

    Use the latest demo environment and review and use the "Demonstrating Oracle 11i.4 Portal Script", it has detailed demo steps and talking points which will pummel PeopleSoft.

    Use ADSWeb to customize your demo to include the customer logo and personalize the portlets.

    Point out PeopleSoft's deficiencies and emphasize Oracle's strengths.

    Make fun of PeopleSoft's portal solution which are flashy but useless, 'all hat and no cattle'.


    Slide 30

    Two Big Points

    • PeopleSoft
      • No Flexibility
      • Hundreds of Customizations
    • Oracle
      • Significant Flexibility
      • Allows ZERO Customization
    • '100% Pure Internet' and 'No Code on the Client' is '100% Pure Garbage'
    • PeopleSoft's Portal is Weak and lacks real Business Substance
    • Oracle's Portal is Powerful and Flexible for All Types of Users

    Oracle Logo

    To Summarize:

    PeopleSoft's Limited User Interface and Lack of Enterprise Flexibility forces their customers to make hundreds of customizations using PeopleTools (a 100% Proprietary development environment)

    On the other hand Oracle provides tremendous flexibility to users and enterprises allow customers to implement with ZERO customizations.

    Peoplesoft's 100% internet and 'No code on the client' is a lie and is irrelevant for business users.

    PeopleSofts Portal is nice looking but lacks integration and real business data from the applications.

    Oracle's Portal is the #1 ranked portal and is fully integrated with the eBusiness suite delivering useful business information to users, not just weather and stock quotes!


    Slide 31

    Send Feedback, Questions and
    Competitive Information to:

    Oracle Logo

    We are really interested in your feedback.

    We will increase our successful rate by sharing experiences.

    ADS and Development will be verifying, consolidating and disseminating all the information we receive.

    Send your demo competition entries to


    Slide 32

    New Area On ADSWeb for
    Competitive Sales Kits and Demo
    Scripts and General Information:

    Demo Docs / Competition PeopleSoft

    Oracle Logo

    We have a new area on ADSWeb where we will be putting PeopleSoft information. Some examplesof information posted on this site are:

    1. Sales Kits to support each topic presented in these sessions
    2. A copy of presentations delivered in these sessions with speaker notes
    3. Analyst Reports which we cite
    4. Specific demo scripts which you can use to attack Peoplesoft
    5. Anything else that has been verified as accurate and deemed useful


    Slide 33

    Looking for Successful and
    Unsuccessful Sales Campaigns
    Against PeopleSoft to use as Case

    Please contact

    Oracle Logo

    We would like to get input from the field on sales success stories and/or nightmares.

    If you have specific suggestions or topics you would like to cover on the next call please email them to PSINFO_US@ORACLE.COM


    Slide 34

    Next Time...

    Two More Areas for Attack
    (and your feedback from the first two)
    Field Success Stories
    'Overview Demos'

    Oracle Logo


    Slide 35


    1 look forward to hearing from everyone and getting Feedback and Field Participation in these calls.

    Oracle Logo

    If we work together, share information and be positive in presenting our solution we will win.


    Slide 36



  • Updated August 14, 2015