P0068-R: Verizon - E-mail: Schmiedel To Canetti Re; PeopleSoft Contract

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  Ken W. Schmiedel To: Sergio Canetti
  03/26/2004 03:19 PM cc: Jill Kastler/EMPL/MA /Verizon@ V ZNotes, Joseph L. Zlata/EMPL/NY/Verizon@ V ZNotes, Randy J. Costello/EMPL/FL/Verizon@ V ZNotes, Ricky A .Matthews/EMPL/TX /Verizon@ V ZNotes
    Subject: Re: PeopleSoft Contract - Two Items


We briefly discussed these when in Tampa this week. I received some additional information regarding training and will summarize my thoughts about derivative work as well (we discussed this already).

1. Training Units: HR has the following training credits:

2. Derivative Work: My thoughts:

Let me know if you have any questions.


Sergio Canetti


[Stamp: illegible]

  Sergio Canetti To: Jill Kastler/EMPL/MA /V erizon@ V ZNotes, Randy J. Costello/EMPL/FL/V erizon@ V ZNotes, Ricky A. Matthews/EMPL/TX /V erizon@ V ZNotes, Ken W. Schmiedel/EMPL/TX /V erizon@ V Notes. Joseph L. Zlata/EMPL/NY/V erizon@ V ZNotes
  Sent by: Sergio Canetti cc:
  03/19/2004 10:25 A M Subject: Re: PeopleSoft Contract - Two Items

Joann Meyer is negotiating the contract with PSoft and had a couple of questions. Can I get your input on them?

Highly Confidential VZ-ORCL 03621

300 to 399
400 to 499 [REDACTED TEXT]
500 and above [REDACTED TEXT]

Derivative Works

Derivative works are those things that we develop internally (ie customization / bolt-on's) using the Tools provided by PeopleSoft because we require that feature/function and it is not part of the delivered product and/or the product does not meet our requirement. In the old contract if we got a copyright patent on that code we had the right to sue PeopleSoft if they then incorporated that functionality into their standard product. PeopleSoft wants us to remove that language so the real question is [REDACTED TEXT]

Let me know what your thought are on this.


Highly Confidential VZ-ORCL 03622

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