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P0071: Verizon - E-mail: Schmiedel To Kiefaber Re: Verizon As Reference For State Of OH RFP

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Ken W. Schmiedel

02/24/2004 07:02 PM

cc: bob_searles@, Mark_Jacobs@, michael_youngwirth@, rand_macksamie@, David J1Kelly/EMPL/MA /Bell-A tl@ V ZNotes, Sergio Canetti, Jill Kastler@ V ZNotes
Subject: Re: Verizon as reference for State of OH RFP?


Attached is the completed form. Dave Kelly helped pull most of this together because of his firsthand knowledge of the PeopleSoft implementation at Verizon.

If you have any questions, please let me or Dave know.



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State of Ohio RFP 2-24-04.doc

(Planet image) Harry_Kiefaber@

02/19/2004 08:09 A M

To:Ken W. Schmiedel/EMPL/TX /Verizon@ V ZNotes
cc:rand_macksamie@, bob_searles@, michael_youngwirth@, Mark_Jacobs@
Subject:Verizon as reference for State of OH RFP?


Here is the detail that we need to complete for our RFP. Can you help us?

Attachment Ten: Proven Scalability...ERP (financial, procurement and HR components) experience with large organizations implemented for at least 18 months. Large means revenue/budget of at least $50.0B and more than 65,000 employees.

If I can make it easier by calling you, please let me know.

Thank you very much!

Harry Kiefaber
State and Local Government Account Executive
PeopleSoft, Inc.
4085 Fairfax Dr.

VZ-ORCL 03482 Highly Confidential

Columbus, OH 43220
Tel/Fax/Msgs: 1-877-720-7109
Mobile: 614-477-9905
Email: harry_kiefaber@
For Immediate assistance, please call Customer Care

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Proven Scalability. The offeror must demonstrate experience with large implementations of an ERP encompassing the Financial, Procurement, and Human Resource (HR) components that have been implemented for at least 18 months. Large implementations must include organizations equivalent in size to the state of Ohio, meaning greater than $50 billion in annual revenues (for financial and procurement components) and more than 65,000 employees (for HR components). To demonstrate this experience, the offeror must include references from organizations that have completed the ERP implementations. Duplicate the following table as needed for up to, but not more than, three references. If more than three references are provided, only the first three listed will be used for scoring.

Verizon Communications
Project Name:
Client Address:
125 High St.. Room 05327
Boston, MA, 02110
Client Contact Name and Title:
David Kelly
HR/Payroll Architect
Client Contact Phone Number:

Beginning Date of Project:

HR, 06/93
Payroll, 01/94
AP, 01/97
GL, Assets, Projects, 06/98

Ending Date of Project:

HR, 12/94
Payroll, 01/96
AP, 06/98
GL, Assets, Projects, 11/00

Annual revenue of the organization:
$68 Billion
Number of employees:
  • 167,000 (active as of 6/19/2004 [see description 6/04, below])
  • 260,000 (inactive)

Note: These numbers exclude "Verizon Wireless" - they are on a separate instance of PeopleSoft.

Number of users:

HCM only.

  • 2400 (heads-down users)
  • 167 K(self-svc users)

AP, GL, Assets and Projects:

  • N/A
Implemented components: HR-Payroll (HCM), General Ledger (GL), Assets, Projects, Accounts Payable (AP). Length of time, in months, each component has been implemented:
  • HR: 10 years
  • Payroll: 8 years
  • AP: 6 years
  • GL, Assets, Projects: 3 years

Implemented modules within each component:

  • HCM: HR, Payroll, Base Benefits (limited)
  • AP, GL, Assets, and Projects: Base modules

VZ-ORCL 03484 Highly Confidential

Description of the geographical coverage of the implemented ERP solution:

  • HR/Payroll - United States
  • AP, GL, Assets, Projects - Eastern US (former Bell Atlantic region)

Description of the transaction volume of each implemented component. Indicate whether the volume is daily, weekly, monthly or annually:

HCM Only:

  • 500 K checks per month
  • 75 K online transactions per day

AP, GL, Asset and Projects:

  • N/A

Description of the implementation:

Note: Verizon's use of PeopleSoft started with the former NYNEX company. NYNEX merged with Bell Atlantic in 1999 under the Bell Atlantic name. Bell Atlantic merged with GTE under the Verizon name in 2000.


  • 12/94: Converted HR functions of former NYNEX under PS HRMS 3.1. 75 K employees (approx)
  • 01/96: Converted Payroll functions of former NYNEX under PS HRMS 3.1.
  • 11/96: Upgraded to PS HRMS 5.1
  • 11/98: Upgraded to PS HRMS 7.0
  • 11/99: Consolidated HR/Payroll functions of former NYNEX and Bell Atlantic (150 K total employees)
  • 10/00 Upgraded to PS HRMS 7.5
  • 10/02: Upgraded to PS HCM 8.3
  • 10/03: Consolidated 50 percent of former GTE employees (30 K) and HR/Payroll functions from SAP to PS HCM 8.3.
  • 06/04 Planned consolidation of all remaining former GTE employees (27 K) from SAP to PS HCM 8.3. At consolidation, all Verizon active employees (~167 K) will be paid and administered under PeopleSoft.

AP, GL, Asset and Projects:

  • 06/98: AP Converted under PS 7.5
  • GL, Assets, Projects, 11/00
  • AP, GL, Assets, Projects upgraded to PS Tools 8.4, 2/04

VZ-ORCL 03485 Highly Confidential

Updated August 14, 2015