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P0200: Curriculum Vitae - Perry Keating

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Government Exhibit P0200

Perry Keating
Senior Vice President
BearingPoint (formerly KPMG Consulting)

Senior Vice President, Global Enterprise Solutions, BearingPoint, Inc.

Mr. Keating has led BearingPoint's Global Enterprise Solutions practice since June, 2000. The practice predominately focuses on the delivery of World Class Financial, Workforce Solutions and Tier One Core ERP services around the world to commercial and government organizations. These services focus on maximizing ROI and simplifying financial, human resources and technological processes. Under Mr. Keating's leadership, the Global Enterprise Solutions practice continues to grow in a time when similar practices are in decline.

During the last 3 years, this group has done more than 2,000 Tier One Core ERP projects (900 Oracle, 250 PeopleSoft and 1000 SAP) for a wide variety of commercial and government organizations; with 3-year revenues in excess of $2.2 Billion, this group is one of the largest groups of its kind in the world. Commercial clients include the largest companies in the Financial Services, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Technology sectors. Public Services clients include various Federal and Department of Defense Agencies, State and Local Governments as well as Higher Education and Health Services clients.


Director of Strategic Market Development, PeopleSoft, Inc.

As a director of Strategic Market Development and Education and Government for PeopleSoft, Mr. Keating led sales and marketing of products and consulting to U.S. federal government Civilian, Defense and Intelligence agencies. Mr. Keating planned and built a sales and marketing force that grew sales from 80% of plan to over 150% of plan, making it the number one business unit. He designed, planned, and executed the strategic planning and yearly budget process for the $120M education and government business unit. This business unit increased annual revenues 120% to exceed $265M in the next year.

Mr. Keating had executive management oversight and quality assurance for the following implementation:

US Mint - Successful completion of the then-largest PeopleSoft implementation to-date. Modules included the entire suites of financials, manufacturing, distribution and human resources.

Senior Practice Director, Oracle Corporation

With P&L responsibility and leadership of East Coast Applications Group supporting U.S. federal government (civilian, defense and intelligence), aerospace & defense contractors, state & local governments as well as higher education markets, Mr. Keating instituted a budget planning and review process which increased margin percentages by over 50%. Mr. Keatin grew a 12-city operation from 60 to 200 consultants managed by three regional directors. He planned and executed a sales and marketing plan which increased annual consulting revenues

Mr. Keating had executive management oversight and quality assurance for the following implementations:

Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) - Commercial financial modules to include general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable were implemented for the loan and grant processing at OPIC. Consulting implemented additional functionality so OPIC's could use the entire package as their overall financial management system.

United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC) - Commercial financial and ERP modules were implemented at USEC. Consulting implemented additional functionality so USEC could use for their mainline business of making of plutonium.

Pratt Whitney - Demonstration of ERP, supply chain, and commercial financial modules integrated with 3rd party products which led to Oracle's win at Pratt - Whitney. Project continues as one of Oracle largest clients.

Newport News Shipping (NNS) - In pursuit of NNS, used Pratt-Whitney demo to again integrate ERP, supply chain and commercial financial modules to demonstrate as a single package.

US Coast Guard (USCG) - Commercial financial modules to include general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable were implemented at USCG. Consulting implemented additional functionality so USCG could use the entire package as their overall financial management system.

Defense Fuels - Integrated suite of commercial financial and ERP modules to handle manufacturing, distribution and sales of liquid fuel for the Defense Department. Consulting implemented integration and additional functionality for this multibillion dollar program.

US Air Force - Commercial Human Resources modules were customized for both the military and civilian components of the US Air Force. Consulting customized these modules to meet federal functionality and integration. This customization later led to the full development of the Federal Human Resource product.

Consulting Center Manager, James Martin Government Consulting, Inc (JMGC)

Mr. Keating was responsible for the leadership, business development and P&L of JMGC's foreign service group which included UN-financed international banking, US Foreign Service Agencies and Embassies. Mr. Keating gained much experience with the full life-cycle of James Martin methodologies from BRE to Systems Implementation. Mr. Keating wa recognized for reinvention efforts of government operations, by being awarded Vice President Gore's "Heroes of the Reinvention" Hammer Award for his work in economic development.

As Technical Representative on several joint US Government/Private Industry Delegations to the Governments of Barbados, Bermuda, and St. Lucia, Mr. Keating led facilitated planning sessions to define a technical assistance program for the nation's technological needs into the 21st century. Delegation comprised of political ministers, government civil service, and private industry executives. The Technical Assistance Program defined the region's strategic plan and the IRM requirements to support that plan, as well as educational, economical, and technological needs of the Caribbean nations.

In support of US economic development worldwide, Mr. Keating developed and implemented a series of loan management software modules for the international development banking community (United Nations, World Bank, European Reconstruction and Development Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank). The modules included loan application, loan computation, loan / payment execution, general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. These packages were successfully implemented in a number of countries (Albania, Egypt, Honduras, and the Caribbean) around the world.

In support of US Foreign Service Agencies (United Nations, US State Department, USAID, USIA, and US Peace Corps), Mr. Keating developed and implemented successful worldwide administrative support systems for financial management, human resources, and procurement. He assisted these agencies with effective planning, resourcing, and implementation of the several multi-million dollar financial, technical, and infrastructure projects to address the Chief Financial Officers' Legislation and Government Performance Results Act. Additionally, Mr. Keating ran a series of overseas financial management (loan and grant processing) projects, which supported United Nations financed economical development worldwide.

As Project Manager at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Mr. Keating led two teams of analysts in the review and study of two Information Strategy Plans. The study produced a strategic plan that included definition of projects, resources, and a complete three-year plan which led the ADP department in the successful development of a series of integrated systems for both tax operations and administrative systems. Administrative systems were implemented using a series of customized packages and tax operations by customized development. Responsibilities included the management and supervision of over 125 direct hire and contractor ADP staff, scheduling of tasks, and budget. System implementation used Texas Instruments Information Engineering Facility (IEF). The technical environment included Several IBM mainframes using DB2.

As Lead Technical Analyst for the US State Department (DoS) study, Mr. Keating led a team of systems analysts to successfully implement the James Martin Information Engineering Methodology, CASE Tools, and repository tools within the Office of Financial Management. The study produced a strategic plan that included definition of projects, resources, and a complete five-year plan, which led the ADP department of financial management to the successful development of integrated systems for financial management for the State Department throughout the world. Implementation was a package implementation of a series of modules (general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable) and customized developed modules (budget and budget execution).

Staff Consultant, American Management Systems, Inc

As Project Manager and Lead Technical Analyst for a series of classified projects for the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Mr. Keating led a systems analysts team in an Information Strategy Plan (ISP) and related studies for a series of systems. The study produced a strategic plan that defined projects, resources, and a plan to produce a series of integrated systems. Using reverse engineering techniques, the first of the suite of worldwide systems were-deployed to a new technical platform within 5 months.

As Project Manager and Lead Technical Analyst for a series of classified information engineering projects for a large federal agency, Mr. Keating led a team of systems analysts in an ISP and several Business Area Analysis (BAAs) for a series of systems which track hostile environments and build contingency evacuation plans for US. interests overseas. Using Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques and Texas Instruments (TI's) IEF CASE Tool, Mr. Keating completed all aspects of systems development and implementation including requirements planning, user design, construction and cutover for two systems within 6 months. Responsibilities included the management and supervision of ADP staff, scheduling of tasks, and budget.

As Project Manager, Mr. Keating led two development teams of systems analysts in the design, development, and implementation of a series of new systems using TI's IEF CASE Tool. The systems were designed to perform the personnel, finance, security and logistics functions for a large federal agency. Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD), Activity Hierarchy Diagrams, and Activity Dependency Diagrams were used to bring this series of system from the ISP stage through BAA and into implementation. The technical environment included IBM mainframes running MVS operating service and using DB2 database. Responsibilities included the management and supervision of ADP staff, scheduling of tasks, and budget.

As Project Manager, Lead Technical and Functional Analyst, Mr. Keating designed, developed, and wrote a database design as part of a team effort for a system to perform the personnel, finance, operations and logistics functions for the US Army Reserve and National Guard. ERD data models were used to analyze and reduce over 22,000 data elements into a 4th Normal Form database design during the ISP and BAA stage of development. Mr. Keating provided functional expertise for team leaders, senior analysts and junior analysts who documented functional requirements for a system to be deployed at over 8000 sites and used to mobilize up to 1.6 million people in a national emergency. The technical environment included Data General AViiON mainframes running UNIPLEX operating system, and using DB2 connected by worldwide telecommunication backbone. Responsibilities included the management and supervision of 150 contractor and subcontractor ADP staff, scheduling of tasks, budget, and development of future business.

As Lead Systems Analyst, Mr. Keating analyzed requirements for system interfaces to a Military Traffic Management Command computer system, which is now used to log, monitor and consolidate over 1.5 million DoD shipments worth more than $2 billion. Mr. Keating analyzed requirements and produced specifications for data packages needed to be transferred to the selected package using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) format. He updated and revised the Functional Description and Telecommunications Plan for this computer system which interfaces with 27 other systems located throughout the US. Responsibilities included the management and supervision of 15 contractor and subcontractor ADP staff and scheduling of tasks.

Commissioned Officer, US Army and US Army Reserve

Mr. Keating held a variety of command and staff positions ranging from Platoon Leader through Company Commander to Division Staff Officer in the US Army and US Army Reserve.

Education Background

Tulane University
School of Engineering - New Orleans, LA, 1982-1986
Degree: Bachelor of Science Computer Science

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
R.B. Pamplin School of Business - Blacksburg, VA, 1988-1989
Degree: Masters of Business Administration

Technical Training:

      Introduction to PeopleSoft Human Resource
      Introduction to PeopleSoft Human Resources (Federal)
      Introduction to PeopleSoft Financials
      Introduction to PeopleSoft Financials (Public Sector)
      Introduction to PeopleSoft Manufacturing

      Introduction to Oracle Financials
      Introduction to Oracle Financials (Public Sector)
      Introduction to Oracle Manufacturing
      Introduction to Oracle Distribution
      Introduction to Oracle Human Resources
      Introduction to Oracle Human Resources (Public Sector)

James Martin Methodology Courses (asterisk notes instructor status):
      Information Engineering Overview (*)
      RoadMap(*), Program and Project Planning for IEM(*)
      Development Coordination, Information Asset Management(*)
      Business Reengineering(*)
      Business Strategy Planning(*)
      Information Strategy Planning(*)
      Structured Interviewing(*)
      Business Area Analysis (Outline and Detail) (*)
      Business System Implementation using IEF (*)
      Business System Implementation using ADW (*)
      Technical Design using IEF
      Technical Design using ADW
      Construction using IEF
      Construction using ADW
      Rapid Application Development (RAD)
      Joint Application Development (JAD)
      Rapid Implementation of Packaged Solutions(*)
      The Systems Redevelopment Methodology (TSRM)
      The Client / Server Meth0dology (TCSM)

American Management Systems
      Federal Financial System (FFS)

CASE Tools:
      Texas Instrument Information Engineering Facility (IEF)
      Knowledgeware ADW, IDW
      Visual Basic
      Object View, Gupta

Software Languages:
      Relational Databases
            DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, PACE, FoxPro,
      Programming Languages
            Ada, Assembler, C, C Plus, FORTRAN 77, LISP, PASCAL, Modular-2, Prolog,

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