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P2139: Oracle - Q1-04 PeopleSoft Summary Info

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Government Exhibit P2139
  A B
1 Q1-Q4 PSFT Summary Info
3 Wins vs PSFT as of 8/25/03 3
4 Losses vs PSFT as of 8/25/03 11
6 # Deals Currently Competing In 59
7 (of those current deals)  
8 # Replacements/Upgrades 8
9 # New Deals 51
10 # Green (winning) 23
11 # Yellow (too soon to tell) 36
12 # Red (going badly) 0


  A B C D E F G H I
1 Red/Yellow
Opportunity Organization Product Probability
for Oracle
Status Oppt. Amount New Deal or Replace Comments
2 Green Barnes & Noble East Apps Financials, Financial & Sales Analyzer, E-Business Intelligence, Project Costing, Purchasing, Tutor, iSupplier Portal 90% contracts stage, all Issues resolved   new  
3 Green Choicepoint East Apps HR 80% in contract neg. $ 811,000 new Negotiating contracts
4 Yellow Cross Country Home Services East Apps CRM     $150,000 new Peoplesoft not a competitor
5 Green Extendicare (Canada) Inc East Apps HR, Payroll, Financials 99% with CEO $700,000 new Oracle selected, CEO returning from vacation on 8/25. Internal mtgs on 8/26 will determine when they execute contracts. CEO will not be pressured to move before he is ready.
6 Yellow Garden of Life East Apps Suite 70 Have verbal $350,000 new Finalizing contract discussions - meeting with the President on 8/20 to hopefully finalize negotiations
7 Yellow Information Mapping East Apps eBiz Suite, Learning/ OTA/ Quoting/ Incentive Comp 60% final negotiations, pricing, OCS $150,000 new users voted for Oracle, but the CFO has cold feet, doing more references now - feeling like Oracle is "too big" for them
8 Green Kmart Corp East Apps HR 50 Need ok from CEO $255,000 new Decision by next wed - look good; Peoplesoft no longer in deal
9 Yellow Solo Cup East Apps Financials 60% Q2 Building ROI $450,000 new Competitive tradeout of Psoft financials. ROI tied to mfg/supply chain and needs to be further defined.
10 Green Zebia Technologies East Apps CRM 90% 8-26 close date $401,000 new Exec brd approved on 8-15. Revenue recognized on 8-26 when acceptance period expires.
11 Yellow AIG NASA-STAR Billing/Collections     $1,000,000 new In RFP stage now
12 Yellow AOL NASA-STAR Fin Apps & Call Center 20% Pipeline 5/30/2004 $2,000,000 new Just Completed demo against SAP and Peoplesof
13 Yellow AOL NASA-STAR Call Center     $5,000,000 new Oracle, Siebel, Psft shortlist
14 Yellow Bank One NASA-STAR OFSA 30% Pipeline 11/28/2003 $1,600,000 new relationship issues
15 Yellow Citigroup NASA-STAR Projects, Supplier portal 30% Pipeline 5/30/2004 $250,000 new Early in process. Possible extension of existing P2P
16 Yellow Cox NASA-STAR ERP/SCM 20% Pipeline 11/26/2003 $1,500,000 Replace Replacement of JDE financials
17 Yellow Fifth Third NASA-STAR Fin Apps 20% Pipeline 5/30/2004 $750,000 new D. Russo engaged on Blueprinting
18 Yellow Fifth Third NASA-STAR HR/Payroll 20% Pipeline 5/20/2004 $750,000 new D. Russo engaged on Blueprinting
19 Yellow First Tennessee NASA-STAR Fin Apps 20% Pipeline 5/30/2004 $1,500,000 new Early in process
20 Yellow Huntington NASA-STAR HR 70% Forecasted for Q1 $800,000 new Replacement of ADP Inhouse
21 Yellow JC Penney NASA-STAR Fin Apps 20% Pipeline 5/30/2004 $600,000 new Early in process
22 Yellow National City NASA-STAR Fin Apps 20% Pipeline 5/30/2004 $1,000,000 new Early in process
23 Yellow Sears NASA-STAR HR 30% Pipeline 3/16/2004 $4,000,000 Replace Early in process
24 Yellow St Paul Co NASA-STAR Fin Apps 20% Pipeline 5/30/2004 $3,000,000 new Early in process
25 Yellow Tekova NASA-STAR Fin. Apps. Purchasing, Projects 30% Pipeline 11/30/2003 $200,000 new Requirements study completed, budgeted


  A B C D E F G H I
26 Yellow UBS NASA-STAR HR 30% Pipeline 2/15/04 $ 2,500,000 Replace Facing PSFT 8 upgrade or SAP FinApps Installed
27 Yellow Walgreen NASA-STAR HR 30% Pipeline 4/30/2004 $ $2,000,000 new Early in process
28 Green GE NBC NASA-ICP HR, EAM 70% Upside for Q2 $ 585,000 Replace Oppt. $ represent new modules only
29 Yellow Qualcomm NASA-ICP HR/Financials/ Manufacturing 65% Forecasted for Q1 $ 1,000,000 Replace Oppt. $ represent new module only
30 Yellow Stryker NASA-ICP vs. JDE (full erp) 50% Upside for Q2 $ $1,000,000 Replace This is a JDE Replace vs. Upgrade no Psoft
31 Green Teradyne NASA-ICP HR 70% Upside for Q1 $ 600,000 Replace Oppt. $ represent new module only
32 Green Angiotech West Apps - Arntz ERP 90% Verbal for ? $ 100,000 new Verbal - Q1 Deal
33 Yellow Colton West Apps - Arntz ERP/Fin 20% eval on hold $ 500,000 new $500k includes EBSO. This eval is currently on hold, but PSFT and ORCL are the final two candidates. Companies business has been impacted by SARS and they are waiting for revenue growth to resume before making a system selection.
34 Green Deserel Book West Apps - Arntz ERP 60% mtg w/ CEO today $ 200,000 new Still more demo's to do, confirming timeframe with the CEO today, project is approved by Sr. Mgt. contract in place, working to get CFO's vote
35 Yellow Dolby Labs West Apps - Arntz Fin/ icomp/ mfg 20% Surveys $ 400,000 new Early in cycle. Decision in Oct. SAP also complete. Royalty recognition key.
36 Green Factual Data West Apps - Arntz ERP/Fin 80% in legal review $ 416,000 new Oracle selected al local level by all mgt. Parent company Krull, must review all purchases. Mtg on the 25th w/ Krull to review contract and terms.
37 Yellow Monster Cable West Apps - Arntz ERP 40% Demos $ 350,000 new  
38 Yellow Restoration Hardware West Apps - Arntz ERP 30% Open $ 150,000 new early in cycle but there appears to be a preference of Oracle over PSFT
39 Green Runco West Apps - Arntz ERP   Demo $ 110,000 new Plus EBSO
40 Green Virginia Mason West Apps - Arntz ERP Opportunity 60 Open $ 690,000 new ORCL selected, execs commitment to August close
41 Green American Heart West Apps - Calzolari ERP/Fin 30 demo $ 600,000 new shortlisted to 3, JD Edwards lost. Oracle psft eliminated
42 Green C-Bass West Apps - Calzolari Financials 75% Aug decision $ 110,000 new Oracle favored by CFO.
43 Green Hudson Advisors West Apps - Calzolari ERP/Fin 70 contract neg $ 100,000 new users in indonesia
44 Yellow All Coast West Apps - Renner ERP 50% Final decision $ 200,000 new P-Soft and all other competition eliminated. Oracle or "do nothing", budgeting up for approval in October.
45 Green AmeriNet West Apps - Renner e-business suite 50% decision in Sept $ 150,000 new Peoplesoft is on of the vendors they are looking at. The other one is Lawson and they are more of the competitor at this point. Customer is also concerned that Peoplesoft is trying to push JDE. Originally they were not sure if they should consider Peoplesoft, but Gartner told them that they should.


  A B C D E F G H I
46 Yellow Avista West Apps -
ERP - S/C 50% Final TCO $ 450,000 new Down to the end, decision early September. Oracle/P-Soft dead head.
47 Yellow Cardinal Health West Apps - Renner CRM & Leasing 40% Open $ 750,000 new PeopleSoft selected earlier this year as a result of acquisition status. Need to validate Oracle is valid option for this project. Conversation opp.
48 Green Copeland Sports West Apps - Renner Suite and EBSO 50% Surveys/Demo $ 400,000 new Peoplesoft and JDE were just eliminated and it is down to Oracle and Lawson. Oracle is in lead.
49 Yellow CSG Systems West Apps - Renner H/R 50% Final selection $ 225,000 new Down to selection. Oracle and lawson probable find 2. P-soft looks eliminated.
50 Yellow Distinctive Appliances (DACOR) West Apps - Renner ERP 10% Waiting on RFP $ 300,000 new Customer will eval all ERP vendors that run on an Oracle DB. Late Q2/early Q3 decision
51 Green Experian West Apps - Renner Lawson Replacement/HRMS 30% Open $ 350,000 new Working on the final steps to closure.
52 Yellow Exult West Apps - Renner Fin apps/purchasing 80% Compliance Issue $ 100,000 Add on's with install These guys host PSFT apps for their customers and use PSFT HR - claim to be working with Block/Clandrini on a larger partnership with Oracle..they're using Oracle finapps and purchasing
53 Green Fort Mojave West Apps - Renner ERP/Fin 75% reviewing contracts $ 100,000 new Plus EBSO
54 Green Fort Mojave West Apps - Renner ERP 80% Waiting on contracts. $ 100,000 new Health Board has approved. Waiting on contracts.
55 Green Hallmark Cards West Apps - Renner HR/Payroll 60% decision in Sept. $ 2,000,000 new Oracle won pilot over PSFT. Enterprise deal decision in September. Also includes EBSO and OCS contract in addition to ?censes
56 Green Michaels Store West Apps - Renner e-business suite 80%   $ 1,100,000 new Customer making decision to undo Ppsft and repl with Oracle apps. Final decision this Wed (8/20). OCS to do implementation if successful
57 Green Meiman Marcus West Apps - Renner Payroll/Recruitment 80%   $ 500,000 new Competition now from BPO options with Ppsft and other competition based on TCO.
58 Yellow Pinnacle West West Apps - Renner ERP 33% Demos next $ 1,000,000 new Down to P-sft, Lawson, Oracle. SAP eliminated in the RFP stage. Demos next.
59 Yellow Tetra Tech West Apps - Renner e-business suite 30% ? $ 1,000,000 new IBM leading selection; Very competitive with JDE
60 Yellow Turner HR West Apps - Renner HR 50% Q2 des. presenting proposal $ 300,000 new Presenting to Turner CIO 8/18 proposal with "all in one".


  J K L M N O P Q R
1 Outstanding Issues ABU SS
3   Stevens, Lisa              
5 CEO feeling comfortable with final numbers & go forward plan to sign by Aug. If not, trhen in early Sept. Mancini, Mark              
6             Hyers, Andrew    
7   Younkin, Tom              
8   Stevens, Lisa O'Sullivan, Jerry            
9 Mfg business case. Project plan - We have the verbal nod but the "Why Buy Now" isn't ? pelling enough for Financials on to ? transaction done in Q1. Deal will ? en in Q2/Q3 and should encompass ? g, as well as fin apps. Current Peoplesoft customer - this will be a competitive tradeout.   Allen, Jennifer            
10 None   O'Sullivan, Jerry Nelson, Cody   Ger, Michael      
11       Burke, John; De rose Tom          
12 Selection, Negotiation and Close     DeRose, Tom          
13       DeRose, Tom          
14 Site visits scheduled week of Sept. 8th                
15 Early in sales cycle                
16 Early in sales cycle   Wells, Mark            
17 Early in sales cycle                
18 Early in sales cycle                
19 Early in sales cycle                
20 Requiring more ROI to justify versus free ADP Enterprise Kobzowicz, Tim              
21 Early in sales cycle                
22 Early in sales cycle                
23 Early in sales cycle                
24 Early in sales cycle                
25 Early in sales cycle                


  J K L M N O P Q R
26 Initial interest in evaluation, will need like for like program                
27 Early in sales cycle                
28 Need Like for Like Program Approved   Allen, Jennifer            
29 Financial Reporting Issues   Belding, Patrick         Rigatuso, Chris  
30 Very Competitive given JDE Incumbent                
31 None Younkin, Tom O'Sullivan, Jerry            
32 Order paperwork, approved                
33 Some projects DBI functionality that customer requires is not released yet. Monk, Stewart              
34 CFO wants to see MORE product, This is a very detailed guy, we spent 6 hours on GL and AP, now he wants to see Costing and AR. We need his voice to get this deal, so we are pushing for a final demo on Friday of this week.                
36 ? is just finalizing the acquisition with ? as such. Krull wants to review all ? ases. Legal at Factual has reviewed and now Krull legal is doing the same. Sr Mgt from Krull will be in Denver on Aug 26th to review the contract.                
38   Monk, Stewart              
40 Finalize legal negotiations Monk, Stewart              


  J K L M N O P Q R
47 User interface and overall perceived functionality of PeopleSoft. It is perceived to be easier to use with nicer user interface.                
49   Hart, Angela              
50 None - early in cycle                
51   Flynn, Dan              
52 We've determined there hasn't been much, in any conversations- and we're pushing to get new, updated Oracle user counts.                
53 reviewing contracts                
55   Hart, Angela              
56 ?S numbers along with our decrease in license as "incentive"                
57 CIO been out of town, now back and trying to get time with him. Mancini, Mark              
58   Flynn, Dan              
59 IBM JDE Bias. Executives of IT now involved to meet with both vendors Executive teams Flynn, Dan Binsley, Andy            
60 Politics between NY and Dallas with customer.                


  A B C D E F G H I
1 Opportunity
NAS Org Area Sales
Customer Opportunity
2 1008214 Apps HR Strategic SWELLEN BKELLEY Masini, Al John TARGET Target - HR
3 980633 Apps Apps NA Apps MMILLS LFEEMEU Brugner, James Matthew Beltservice Corp. ERP
4 1014193 Apps HR NA Apps JBOUCHER GCASCIOL Florance, Robert G (Bob) NAMASCO CORP HRMS
5 192475 Apps Financial NA Apps JBOUCHER GCAVACCH Doyle, Patrick Dennis (Pal) GAF Financial & Supply Chain Opportunity
6 978752 Apps Financial NA Apps MMILLS DBONNETT Upp, Melissa Driscoll Strawberry Associates, Inc. ERP, SCM
7 992659 Apps eBusiness Suite NA Apps JBOUCHER BROONEY Weed, Wendy Ann VitalWorks Inc e-business suite
9 1002273 Apps Financial NA Apps JBOUCHER GCAVACCH Barton, Hugh John Dalla Financial Corp Full ERP
10 912677 Apps eBusiness Suite NA Apps JBOUCHER SPSMITH Van Belkum, Joseph J (Joe) AISIN USA MANUFACTURING INC ERP Solution
12 1004968 Apps eBusiness Suite NA Apps JBOUCHER DKEISTER Geinett, Lance R. ARBITRON RA-Arbitron-ERP
13 1048080 Apps eBusiness Suite NA Apps MMILLS TOTOOLE Mcpherson, Shelby Eugene (Shelby) PLANAR SYSTEMS RMA/Service
15 996452 Apps Apps Strategic SWELLEN ALANIER Williams, James B (Bart) SUNTRUST Expansion of Financials


  J K L M
1 Status Close Date Total
Key Competitor
2 Lost 20-Aug-03 3,000,000 Peoplesoft
3 Lost 29-Aug-03 300,000 JD Edwards
4 Lost 31-Jul-03 70,400 Peoplesoft
5 Lost 29-Aug-03 800,000 Peoplesoft
6 Lost 20-Jun-03 130,455 Peoplesoft
7 Lost 20-Aug-03 200,000 Peoplesoft
8 Lost 15-Aug-03 150,000 Peoplesoft
9 Lost 30-Jun-03 300,000 JD Edwards
10 Won 30-Jun-03 800,000 JD Edwards
11 Lost 29-Aug-03 2,000,000 Peoplesoft
12 Lost 18-Jul-03 450,000 Peoplesoft
13 Won 31-Jul-03 114,000 Peoplesoft
14 Lost 25-Aug-03 302,971 Peoplesoft
15 Won 20-Aug-03 60,000 Peoplesoft


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