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P2596: PeopleSoft - E-mail: Wilmington To Brasfield Re: CareFirst Discount Approval (09/26/2003)

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Phil Wilmington

09/26/2003 11:08 AM

To: Curt Brasfield/PeopleSoft@PeopleSoft
cc: Justin Anderson/PeopleSoft@PeopleSoft,, Kyle Bowker/PeopleSoft@PeopleSoft, Michelle Hicks/PeopleSoft@PeopleSoft
Subject: Re: CareFirst Discount Approval

Curt Brasfield

Curt Brasfield

09/26/2003 11:07 AM

To: Justin Anderson/PeopleSoft@Peoplesoft, Kyle Bowker/PeopleSoft@Peoplesoft. Phil Wilmington/PeopleSoft@PeopleSoft
cc:, Michelle Hicks/PeopleSoft@PeopleSoft
Subject: Re: CareFirst Discount Approval

I approve - Kyle this needs you and Phil - Carefirst is a Oracle financials customer and originally selected Oracle for HR but we have clawed our way back and are now in the driver seat for the deal, but pricing was a major issue.

Curt Brasfield
Vice President & Managing Director
Southern Region
Office - 404-439-5886
Mobile - 404-307-3714

Justin Anderson

Justin Anderson

09/25/2003 06:26 PM

To: Michelle Hicks/PeopleSoft@PeopleSoft
cc: Curt Brasfield,
Subject: CareFirst Discount Approval

Michelle, we need Curt to approve a 65% discount for Carefirst Let me know if you need any more details. This will need to be escalated up the ranks to Phil ultimately.


Justin Anderson
Regional Vice President

-- Forwarded by Justin Anderson/PeopleSoft on 09/25/2003 06:26 PM --

Brent Bystrzycki

09/25/2003 12:41 PM

To: Justin Anderson/PeopleSoft@Peoplesoft, Kerry Calderwood/PeopleSoft@PeopleSoft

Highly Confidential PS-TE2253045

  Subject: CareFirst Discount Approval

We will need Kyle and Phil's approval for a 55% Discount. We may need to go to 65% to pull it in this quarter. Please approve and forward to Curt.

List After TTR 2,262,700
Discount % 55% for contract prep (request ability to go to 65% if needed)
Discount Amount 1,244,485
Net License Fees 1,028,830

The 55% (potentially 65%) discount is needed to compete with Oracle. Oracle is their current Financials and DB provider. CareFirst has a long history with the Oracle who was selected for HR/PR when Systems were evaluated 2 years ago. This discount will position us just below Oracle from a cost standpoint

Let me know if you need any further information.

Brent Bystrzycki
Account Executive - HCM
706 Westminster Dr.
Greensboro, NC 27410

336-854-3571 Office
336-254-9460 Cell

Highly Confidential PS-TE2253046

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