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P2841: Oracle - E-mail: Kender To Greene Re: How Dirty Can I Fight?

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From: Tony Kender []
Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 3:38 PM
To: Bob Greene
Cc: Manco,Cari; Reid,Mark
Subject: Re: How Dirty Can I Fight?

I think this is pretty mild. Go for it and do your best to differentiate for the audience what we do and what the competitors do that is inferior or marketing smoke. Remember, SAP is not the enemy, s much as you'll want to spank them peoplesoft is the enemy. Bury them You already know what their pitch is, so pre-empt it and bury them early

Now let me get back to my raw meat breakfast ..

Bob Greene wrote:

would like you advice on this one
I am in an IHRIM vendor shoot-out on Friday in Washington, DC The topic is "e-HR" (which we will treat as B2E) and they ask for a case study to describe, so I am using Oracle ourselves AS the case study I have a 15 minute powerpoint opportunity, following which Dave Lauder will do a 15-minute self-service and e-Bl ONLY demo

Best part We somehow picked pole position We are going first! Other presenters include both PeopleSoft and SAP

This gives us the opportunity to perform a bit of a sneak attack

I have already provided submitted my powerpoint, without the attached slide This one slide, which was previously a part of my presentation, was something I would not give advance notice of.

It's pretty mean Please take a look at it My natural inclination is to INclude it. but want your input. It could start a mini-cat fight, given that I'm going first and nobody's seen it before I show it

Thoughts' (Other than ME- -OW!)


Robert C Greene
Director HRMS Sales Consulting
Cell xxx-xxx-5472
Office 714-431-2794




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