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From: Frankenfield, Ron


Tuesday, March 23, 2004 4:59 AM


McDermott, Bill
Cc: Nugent, John


Today's Accenture Meeting


Today's briefing on the Accenture Alliance will be attended by Bob Deulks who is the head of Financial Services for North America for Accenture. He is well know and well connected with the largest banks and insurance companies in the USA. The points for you to emphasize are as follows:

  • We need Accenture to bring more deals to the table. There have been some, but less than expected.
  • We need their help in securing the JPMC / Bank One general ledger for the combined retail bank. This is an evaluation currently underway. Accenture has been involved in implementing the Oracle financials at JPMC prior to the merger. With their help we can win the GL for the combined retail bank, and Oracle will get the corporate bank. This is worth approximately $5M to us and is most likely a Q3 deal. It is a critical strategic win for us -- and therefore, for them.
  • They most likely will raise the issue that we need to do an acquisition to get into the banking marketplace. This was raised to Henning by both Accenture as well as JPMC during his visit. We have a few candidates tee's up now that have been approved by Henning for evaluation. The intent here is to acquire a software company that will both compliment our offering as well us get us into a number of the major banks.

The meeting is scheduled for 2 hours followed by a luncheon.


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