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From: "Tony Kender"


2/5/2003 8:03:28 AM


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New Professional Services / PSA Business Unit


I wanted to make you aware of a new overlay business unit Keith has asked to have created. It is focused around the Professional Services vertical markets (Consulting, Staffing, Architecture & Engineering) and the horizontal upsell of projects and the PSA solution across all verticals. Additionally, to combat PeopleSoft's Enterprise Services Automation (ESA) products (press release below), development will be releasing Contingent Workforce Automation by the end of the calendar year, where we will automate the purchasing of temporary services and contingent labor.


Strong Customer Demand Fuels PeopleSoft Enterprise Service Automation Momentum

Go-To-Market Plan
In order to maximize rapid pipeline development, we will be adding these products to the HR Solution Specialists bag. Since they are already mapped to your ASMs, this will facilitate a direct sales channel. We will be training them on the high level business solution, footprint, business benefits, references, competitive information, etc , over the next few weeks.

Market Opportunity
For the Professional Services verticals, we will run a list of accounts and assign the Solution Specialists to sit down with the ASM account owners to put a plan together to attack each account. We will also look at all financials customers for projects/PSA upsell opportunities. The goal is to bring to the table a predefined sales kit around the various industries and solutions, so as not to reinvent the wheel, each time we have a PSA opportunity. I am sure you agree, that when we drive this sort of focus, incremental license revenue is the result.

Team Structure
Bob Greene will be hiring two Industry/PSA experts. They will support sales cycles, demos and field training.
Bob will be creating two virtual teams:
1) Two geographic SWAT teams from ABU SCs will be certified in the PSA solution for product areas of CRM, HR, Projects, Financials, and eventually, procurement. They will be engaged by the field to support complex and/or strategic PSA sales cycles.
2) YOUR Projects SCs will all be asked to participate in training around Projects itself, PSA and Contingent Workforce Solutions. Bob will also conduct competitive, selling, presentation and demo skills training for this group, as part of his Field Readiness Task Force in the ABU. Development and the IBU will assist in this training.

We will have a Business Development Manager who will drive and coordinate Marketing, Public Relations, Analysts Relations and Field Communication in order to spin up demand and combat peoplesoft's marketing smoke. This is the same successful model employed in the HR Business Unit.

What I need from you
1)Matt, John, Steve, Lisa, if you have an ASM orientation around these industries, please communicate to me what that structure is. I will be contacting you directly, if we haven't spoken already on this.
2)Steve, Lee, Gayle, please prepare a list of your Projects SCs, so we can begin to build and train this


virtual community. Bob Greene will contact you.
3)RVPs, drive the business plan activity with your ASMs as you did for HR. This focused, team effort will allow us both to uncover business opportunities, then bring to bear tremendous talent, in a repeatable fashion, to drive new and upsell revenue.

Please contact me with any questions you may have. We are looking forward to the same revenue growth success here, as we have achieved together with the HRMS products.



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