P3294: Lawson - Win/Loss/Deferral External Interview Notes: Mastercard International, James Lehman, VP Of Human Resources

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Government Exhibit P3294

Interview Notes

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Win / Loss / Deferral External Interview

Customer (from
Opportunity Field)
Mastercard International Opportunity ID 1-VLR2 Business
James Lehman Role VP of Human Resources Phone # 636-722-6390
Install Contact
NA Role NA Phone # NA Planned
Install Date
Not provided
Win / Loss / Deferral Loss Deal Size $675,664 Interview Date 10/16/03
Competition ChangePoint, Plainsview Customer's Satisfaction Now
(Positive, Neutral, Negative)

1. Why did Lawson Win or Lose the Deal?

Mastercard sought a new PSA system to replace the patchwork system that they currently use. Mastercard is an existing Lawson customer and uses Lawson's Human Resources/Payroll software in 42 countries around the world. Mastercard considered Plainsview and ChangePoint, in addition to Lawson. The customer eliminated Lawson on the basis of lacking functionality with respect to two key areas- portfolio management and project accounting. No solution was selected at the time of the interview.

Mastercard remarked that it was impressed with the efforts of the Lawson sales team. The team visited the customer on four separate occasions and completed the RFP for the project twice.


2. Where will the users be located? (ie. Corporate Office, US Branch Locations, Europe, etc.)

Users will be located in offices around the world.

3. What industry analysts were utilized? (If none, document accordingly)

Matercard utilized the services of an external consulting firm for vendor selection. That consulting firm accessed the reports of various industry analysts.

4A. Please assign 100 total points that will represent your satisfaction with Lawson Software in these 4 factors (Product, Company & Sales Process, Pricing and Implementation & Service). How would you allocate them (ie. 40, 30, 20, 10 or 25, 15, 50, 10, etc.)?

4B. Now let's assign these same 100 total points for these 4 factors (Product, Company & Sales Process, Pricing and Implementation & Service) that now represent how important these factors are lo you.

  Satisfaction With Lawson Importance To Interviewee

Product WNP WNP

Company & Sales Process WNP WNP

Pricing WNP WNP

Implemantation & Service WNP WNP

Total 100 100

*Interviewee declined to complete the rating process. He remarked that Mastercard has some outstanding issues with Lawson. In particular, the customer has issues with its current payroll/HR products. These problems are exacerbated by the lack of responsiveness the customer is receiving from Lawson on these issues. The problems are having a widespread effect at Mastercard. For instance, the problems with Lawson payroll caused the CEO's paycheck to be calculated incorrectly. Thus, the problems are high visibility problems for Mastercard, however the customer has not been able to get adequate attention from Lawson. In general, Mastercard is pleased with Lawson products and services. Nonetheless, the interviewee was so exasperated by these most recent issues that he sent an email outlining the problems to Lawson's president. He has not received a response to the email.

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Protected Third Party: Lawson Software, Inc.
Case Number C 04-00807 VRW


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