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P3325: Oracle - Pricing Intelligence - PeopleSoft: Product Pricing Overview

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Government Exhibit P3325

Pricing Intelligence

Product Pricing Overview

October 2002



The information contained in this document is dated material.
Events may have occurred since the original publication, which might alter the accuracy of the report.

If you need additional or current information on the project, please contact the team member(s) who created this report.
Scott Swanson (Pricing Intelligence) at 312-651-8001.



Document Use

This competitive pricing document has been created to better assist you in understanding the marketplace in which Oracle competes. The document is an overview of an Oracle competitor, and was created from primary and secondary source research with regard to pricing and licensing.

The sharing and distribution of this information outside of Oracle Corporation with clients, business partners, etc. may lessen our company's competitive advantage thus minimizing the impact of such competitive information products.

We wish to remind you that this is confidential information and must be held in the strictest of confidence to protect the Company, its clients, and its employees.

Please protect/secure the information from unauthorized use or disclosure, avoid displaying the materials where they can be easily observed, and refrain from photocopying or reproducing in any manner except when necessary to perform jobs.

Thank you.


PeopleSoft Product Pricing


According to our research, PeopleSoft product pricing is largely calculated by an automated tool called The PeopleSoft Price Calculator, which is a PeopleSoft proprietary resource and unavailable to the public- including customers. While Sales Executives are empowered with autonomy to use creativity in pricing (with supervisor approval and given core pricing parameters), the calculator enables the Sales Executive to choose from a number of variables to achieve a Grand Total of Fees to also include Reductions, Royalties, and 1st Year Maintenance. The Sales Executives calculations totaled by the tool must accompany each sales contract internally submitted prior to deal execution, but is by policy not seen by the client customer.

PeopleSoft pricing is also formulated for the whole enterprise and not named user. Based on Market Segmentation (Products, Services, Federal Government, Financial Services, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Retail, and Service Industry) input is required for the Customer's Size Metrics. Appropriate metrics are dependant upon the specific PeopleSoft Product Line, then based on any one of the following: number of Employees, number of Students (Student Administration Solutions), Funds Raised (Contributor Relations Solutions), and either Annual Revenue, Budgets, or Assets. If Assets are selected, an appropriate Industry Category must be determined from Financial Services: Brokerage & Banks, Diversified Financials, Life & Health, and Property & Casualty. These selections will provide the tool with specific formulas and ratios.

The Asset to Revenue Ratios that can be used in the tool for pricing the financial, distribution, and manufacturing products for financial service organizations based on the asset size instead of revenue are:

All Financial Services ~7.8
Financial Services by Industry Sub sector
   Brokerage & Banks ~10.6
   Diversified Financials ~7.7
   Life & Health - Mutual & Stock ~5.6
   Property & Casualty - Mutual ~2.6
   Property & Casualty - Stock ~3.7

Each PeopleSoft contract has an Expansion of Rights Clause, which guarantees future license pricing should the customer expand past per-agreed upon size thresholds. With size/revenue based price and expansion variables, PeopleSoft gives customers the right to deploy as many servers, users, and workstations as needed within their licensed enterprise size.



Existing client Add-On sales qualify for a Relationship Level Reduction (RLR), in addition to the Total Transaction Reduction (TTR). Net license fees paid by the customer in the last 24 months are input to the tool and the applicable Relationship Level Reduction percent discount will be added to the Total Transaction Reduction. The Discount Schedules are as follows:

Total Transaction Reduction Relationship Level Reduction
Threshold Reduction Threshold Reduction
250,000 25.0% 1,000,000 5.0%
750,000 27.5% 2,000,000 10.0%
1,500,000 30.0% 3,000,000 15.0%
2,500,000 35.0%  
3,000,000 40.0% Relationship Level Reduction is only applicable if the customer licensed PeopleSoft product in the last 24 months.
4,000,000 45.0%  
5,000,000 50.0%  

Additional Discounting is available with a Delegation of Authority document and executive approval. These features would include a Fixed Contract Value or Fixed Additional Discount. The sales representative may also use an additional 10% discount at their judgment.

Expansion Clause

PeopleSoft provides a Value Based Pricing Proposition where customers must pay incremental license fees once they exceed thresholds specified and agreed upon within the sales cycle. These incremental fees are based on the original contract price. The Expansion Clause, defining the thresholds and the associated incremental license fees is required in the schedule for every PeopleSoft software sale with the exception of the PeopleSoft Customer Info System (CIS) and 3rd Party Products.

Standard Expansion Terms

Mid-Market Customer Size Expansion Incremental Fee
1-100M 20% 5%
101-300M 20% 10%
>300M 10% 10%
Up-Market   Expansion Incremental Fee
10% 10%



First year maintenance is mandatory with all PeopleSoft Products. PeopleSoft's Standard Support is 20% of the Net License Fee, however other options are offered: Premium Support or Platinum Support (22-27%), and Accelerated Solutions Support (18%, but not valid if customer purchases Accelerated Solution and other PeopleSoft products). Additional discounts apply for purchasing longer-term maintenance contracts. In some cases, discounting has brought the price down to 15% of the purchase price.

3rd Party Royalties

If 3rd party technology, such as Oracle, Sybase, Cognos, is bundled or embedded in a PeopleSoft product, the price calculator provides an estimated royalty cost. This figure provides the Sales Executive an indication of a possible Sales credit impact. The 3rd Party's appropriate license and support requirements are also separately dictated.

Training, Installation, and Implementation

Training, Installation, and Implementation Consulting fees are separate costs from the software charges. Installation pricing varies according to the customer's operating system, database type, and number of products being loaded and installed. A typical price for this service is $180K. Training is suggested as follows:

Mid-market Transactions 3% of Net License Fee
New Up-Market transactions 7% of Net License Fee
Add-On Up-Market transactions 3% of Net License Fee

So What?

Overall, PeopleSoft's pricing appears to be less than its competitors and Sales Reps have a lot of variables to effect price by the Delegation of Authority Discount Document, Relationship Level Reductions, and Expansion. At times, the low price can lead to less discounting than the client may assume as price lists are not available for viewing and customers have no way to validate whether the pricing is fair in terms of how the deal was positioned. This is especially the case when a customer wishes to buy a la carte or an additional product at a later date. There is no "set price" that is found on a tangible menu, but rather calculated in the tool based once again on a number of variables. Many Sales Execs are unable to articulate and show the exact breakdowns found within the calculation tool. A real savvy buyer can probably trip up the rep at times.


PeopleSoft has generated approximately 25% of its sales from its mid-market effects, but recently improved that share closer to 33% with a dedicated strategy to expand outside of the U.S. Investor reports are optimistic regarding its expanding global success chances.

Oracle and SAP remain the greatest competition on the high end "Up-Market," with Microsoft, smaller companies, and new entrants on the low-end. Deals between $1-10MM are down 15%, and upgrade deals are closer to $100-200K. PeopleSoft maintains a distribution strategic focus of high support-high customer contact.

Achilles Heel?

One way sales execs can compete with PeopleSoft is in terms of showing actual discounts, seeing if the potential client is able to receive a future discount equal to the initial deal discount from PeopleSoft. More often than not, the PeopleSoft rep will not be able to commit on a forward projecting deal discount. On the flipside, a number of preset discounts are almost always being added into the total price without the client having to specifically ask.

Expansion is also a frustration for PeopleSoft clients where they often feel "taxed" on their growth successes by the Standard Expansion Terms. PeopleSoft can use this clause to generate additional revenues from its customer base with no incremental usage required. Incremental and expansion fees have recently caused many clients confusion and frustration.

Contract vagueness, may be prevalent when a division of a large company wishes to buy a product and the tool figures can't be applied. For example, if a $10B company wanted a CRM package for a division of 500 employees, the number of employees would not be solely counted and revenue would be too difficult to ascertain in a division. PeopleSoft will use a $250,000 revenue number multiplied by the 500 employees as a factor, but the contract will say based on the number of employees. (No information to this point has been found on how the $250,000 was derived)

The easiest competitive tip is for an Oracle rep to say to the client, "here's my pricing, it's transparent, why can't PeopleSoft show you theirs? " but sell value against toe-to-toe price.


PeopleSoft vs. Oracle

PeopleSoft Oracle
- PeopleSoft Sales Rep has an additional 10% off the standard discounting allowance. + Oracle Sales Management has an additional 25% points beyond the eBusiness discount schedule and Tier I executives have up to 45 additional points beyond eBusiness standard discounts. Oracle has specific discount approval parameters to facilitate Sales Management's ability to monitor "street" discounting practices and provide timely input into the pricing process relative to competitor behaviors and customer expectations.
+ Additional PeopleSoft discounting is available with executive approval. Must complete Delegation of Authority Documents. + Additional discounting beyond Tier I is available per HQAPP/ CEO Executive approval.
+ PeopleSoft offers a formal Relationship Level Reduction (RLR) beyond their standard discount practices for customers who have purchased licenses in the past 24 months. - Oracle has no formal Relationship Discount. Oracle discounts are based on transaction volume at the time of the deal. Price Holds can be considered to act as a RLR since it extends a discount to customer based on past purchases.
+ PeopleSoft provides discounts starting at 25% for $250,000 and go up as high as 50% on $5M+ - Oracle's published discount schedule is up to 25%, but "actual" discounts are comparable to PeopleSoft on comparable size deals.
- PeopleSoft's initial license discount threshold begins at $250,000 (lO? the Oracle requirement) + Oracle customers receive a discount with an investment in license and support as low as $25,000
- PeopleSoft cannot carry over discounts to the next deal. Essentially, PeopleSoft does not offer price holds tied to a specified set of products relative to a given price list. They have little to no price protection. Instead hey offer the RLR. + Oracle offers its customers price protection by providing available contract options that can extend an agreed upon discount up to 5 years, typically referred to as a "price hold."


Expansion Clause
- PeopleSoft charges client additional fees based on an Expansion Clause. The Expansion clause is based on a company's core business metrics relative to the application being purchased, such as revenue. It's important that customers understand that their license fees will increase based on the growth in their corporate metrics regardless of whether the software was directly attributable to the company's success or not. + Most of Oracle's products are based on user or usage metrics. Therefore, there are no additional fees relative to license if the usage has not changed. Typically, more users and usage are the primary activities that will generate additional license fees for Oracle applications. Oracle's pricing is directly related to the benefit the users receive or to the processing activities related to the transactions the Apps perform. It is a more appropriate method for price justification.
- For PeopleSoft first year maintenance is mandatory. Neutral Oracle highly recommends first year maintenance but does not "require" it.
+ Standard Support can be 20% of Net License Fees. PeopleSoft also provides additional discounts on Support and can be as low as 15% of net. - Oracle is generally a couple of points more based on net license fees. There is some flexibility to provide higher discounts on support for very large complex transactions.
General Pricing & Licensing Policies and Practices
- PeopleSoft uses a proprietary pricing tool "black box." The sales rep cannot and does not disclose the pricing model to the customer; therefore, the customer has less leverage in the negotiation process because they don't know the pricing attributes they would be negotiating. PeopleSoft cannot demonstrate the fairness, consistency and equity of their pricing and how each customer is treated relative to another. - Oracle was the first enterprise software vendor to make its license prices publicly available. With the release of the Software Investment Guide, Oracle is now the first to make its pricing policies and practices available. The goal of these initiatives is to improve trust between Oracle and its customers. The value of Oracle's transparency should not be underestimated and is key in demonstrating Oracle's commitment to treat its customers equitably. PeopleSoft's inability to explain its pricing model to customers relative to consistent pricing terms over any given period of time should be highlighted during negotiations.


PeopleSoft Product Pricing          Nov-02

Note: The information contained in this document is dated material. Events may have occurred since the original publication, which might alter the accuracy of the report.

This is not an Official PeopleSoft Pricing Tool and not an Internal PeopleSoft Proprietary Document, Prices should not be considered exact, but representative of past quotes.


Example: Using XYZ company's Employees and Revenues   Employees: 19,857
Employees: 3,632
  Employees: 19,857
  Employees: 3,632
PeopleSoft HRMS
(Price Metric: Employees)
(must license)
List Single
List Single
Human Resources   715,700 364,300 Human Resources $ 60 Person 19,657 $ 1,179,430 3,632 $ 217,920
Payroll for N America   715,700 364,300 Payroll $ 60 Person 19,657 $ 1,179,430 3,632 $ 217,920
Benefits Administration HR 604,000 223,100 Advanced Benefits $ 40 Person 19,657 $ 786,280 3,632 $ 145,280
FSA Administration HR, Payroll for N America 179,000 66,100                    
Payroll Interface HR 475,500 154,000                    
Payroll Interface Connector for A?P Connection Payroll Interface, HR 89,500 35,000                    
Time and Labor HR 604,000 223,100 Time and Labor $ 35 Person 19,657 $ 687,995 3,632 $ 127,120
Stock Administration HR 542,300 192,500                    
Pension Administration   661,500 344,300                    
Resume Processing HR 134,200 49,600                    
eRecruit HR 134,200 49,600 iRecruitment $ 50 Person 19,637 $ ???,850 3,632 $ 181,600
eRecruit Manager Desktop HR 134,200 49,600                    
eCompensation HR 89,500 33,100                    
eCompensation Manager Desktop HR 89,500 33,100                    
eProfile HR 89,500 33,100                    
eProfile Manager Desktop HR 89,500 33,100                    
eDevelopment HR 89,500 33,100                    
eBenefits HR 89,500 33,100                    
ePay Payroll for N America, Payroll Interface or Global Payroll ? or Global Payroll Country ? 89,500 33,100                    
eEquity HR & Stock Administration 89,500 33,100                    
Directory Interface HR 89,500 33,100                    
Workforce Analytics (EPM)
(Price Metric: Employees)
Prerequisites / ? List Single
Workforce Scorecard   360,400 93,300 Balanced Scorecard $ 95 Employee 19,657 $ 1,?67,415 3,632 $ 345,040
Workforce Rewards   360,400 96,300        
Workforce Planning   360,400 96,300        
HRMS Warehouse   276,900 61,600        


PeopleSoft Financials
(Price Metric: Revenue, Budget, or Assets)
Prerequisites / ? List Single
General Ledger   673,500 159,000 Financials $ 3,995 Application User 393 $ 1,570,035 73 $ 291,635
Receivables   540,?00 127,200 (incl. ? Financials                  
Payables   545,600 111,300 (incl. ? Financials                  
Asset Management   498,200 95,400 Enterprise Asset Management $ 3,995 Application User 98 $ 587,510 18 $ 107,910
Budget Planning for ?&O   673,500 159,000 Treasury $ 24,995 Application User 10 $ 249,950 3 $ 74,985
Cash Management   590,400 127,200                    
Deal Management Cash Mgmt 392,200 63,600                    
Risk Management Cash and Deal Mgmt 392,200 63,600                    
Deduction Management ? 545,600 111,300                    
PeopleSoft ESA
(Price Metric: Revenue, Budget, or Assets)
Prerequisites / ? List Single
Projects   673,500 159,000 Project Costing $ 3,995 Application User 196 $ 783,020 36 $ 143,820
Contracts   568,300 119,300 Project Contracts $ 5,995 Application User 9? $ 587,510 18 $ 71,910
Grants ?, ?, Projects, Contracts, & ???? for Grants 45,600 111,300 Grants $ 3,995 Application User 9? $ 391,510 18 $ 71,910
Expenses   611,?00 135,200 ? Expenses $ ? Expense Rpt 1,179,421 $ 43,584   $ 217,920
Mobile ? and Expenses Expenses 342,200 63,600 ? Time $ 125 Application User 4,914 $ 614,250 908 $ 113,508
Mobile ? and Expenses for ? Expenses 260,600 31,800        
Resource Management   ?45,600 111,300 Project Resource Mgmt $ 395 Person 196 $ 77,420 ?6 $ 14,220
Pay/Bill Management HR, Payroll for N America, Projects, Billing, Rec. & Contracts; Approval req'd 768,200 307,200        
Travel   331,000 47,700        
Staffing for Front Office Approval req'd TBD 66,000        

Financial Analytics (EPM)
(Price Metric: Revenue, Budget, or Assets
Prerequisites / ? List Single Product          
Budgeting (formerly know as Budget) 545,600 111,300 Budgeting and Planning $ 3,000 Application User 343 $ 1,179,000 73 $ 219,000
Activity Based Management   ???,200 95,400 Activity Based Mgmt $ 95 Employee 19,657 $ 1,?67,415 3,632 $ 345,0?0
Analytic Forecasting   219,900 23,900 Financials & Sales Analy $ 1,495 Application User 393 $ 587,535 73 $ 109,135
Balanced Scorecard   392,200 63,600 Balanced Scorecard $ 95 Employee 19,657 $ 1,867,415 3,632 $ 345,0?0
Risk Weighted Capital   498,200 95,400        
Funds Transfer Pricing   498,200 95,400 Transfer Pricing $ 70 Employee 19,657 $ 1,375,990 3,632 $ 254,240
Asset Liability Management   498,200 95,400        
Business Planning   5?5,600 111,300        
Financials Warehouse   447,400 79,500        
PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management
(Price Metric: Revenue, Budget, or Assets)
(must license)
List Single
Order Management Inventory 749,900 190,?00 Order Management $ ? Order Line 1,000,000 $ 600,000 250,000 $ 150,000
Promotions Management   749,900 190,?00        

Order Mgmt, Inventory; Approval req'd 749,000 190,800 eStore $ 50,000 Processor ? $ 400,000 ? $ 200,000

Order Promising
Enterprise Planning, Inventory, Order Mgmt; Approval req'd 855,500 342,100 Global Order Promising $ 300 SM COGS 1,700     200    
Billing   545,600 111,300        
Purchasing   712,400 174,900 Purchasing $ 3,995 Application User 196 $ 783,020 36 $ 143,820
Inventory   712,400 174,900 Inventory Optimization $ 750 SM COGS 1,700 $ 1,275,000 200 $ 150,000
Demand Planning   855,500 342,100 Demand Planning $ 600 SM COGS 1,700 $ 1,03?,000 200 $ 120,000
Inventory Planning Demand Planning 673,500 369,300        
Enterprise Planning Inventory 855,500 342,100        
Product Configurator   632,?00 143,100 Configurator $ 150,00 Processor ? $ 600,000 2 $ 300,000
eSupplier Connection Purchasing or Payables 134,700 31,800 iSupplier Portal $ 995 Application User 196 $ 195,020 36 $ 35,820
eBill Payment Receivables 545,600 111,300        
eProduct Management ?, Bills & Routing, Production Mgmt, Cost Mgmt 134,700 31,800 ? Manufacturing $ 3,995 Application User 98 $ 391,510 18 $ 71,910


Flow Production Production Mgmt 447,400 79,500 Flow Manufacturing $ 2,995 Application User ? $ 293,510 18 $ 53,910
eProcurement approval req'd 632,?00 143,100 iProcurement $ ? Purchase Line 100,000 $ 500,000 25,000 $ 125,000
Services ?   545,600 110,300 Purchasing $ 3,995 Application User 196 $ 783,020 36 $ 143,820
? Catalog Management System approval req'd 712,?00 174,900        
Engineering Bills & Routing, Production Mgmt, and Cost Mgmt 498,200 95,400        
Bills and Routing Production Mgmt, Cost Mgmt        
Quality Either 1) Production Mgmt, Bills & Routing, Cost Mgmt or 2) Inventory, or 3) Purchasing 633,?00 143,100        
Production Management Bills & Routing, Inventory, and Cost Mgmt 673,500 159,00        
Cost Management Bills & Routing, Production Mgmt 590,400 127,200        
Production Planning - Basic Bills & Routing, Production Mgmt, and Cost Mgmt 673,500 269,300        
Production Planning - Advanced Bills & Routing, Production Mgmt, and Cost Mgmt 855,500 342,100        
Collaborative Supply Management Purchasing Inventory 447,400 159,000 Collaborative Planning $ 500 SM COGS 1,700 $ ?50,000 200 $ 100,000
Strategic Sourcing (If and where available) TBD 405,400 Sourcing $ 20,000 Application User 98 $ 1,960,000 18 $ 360,000
Trading Partner Management (If and where available) 260,600 31,800 Trade Mgmt $ 2,995 Application User 98 $ 293,510 18 $ 53,910

Supply Chain Analystics (EPM)
(Price Metric: Revenue, Budget, or Assets)
(must license)
List Single
Supply Chain Warehouse   228,500 50,000 Advance Supply Chain $ 1,500 SM COGS 1,700 $ 2,550,000 200 $ 300,000
CRM Products-?? ? CRM
Price Metric: Revenue, Budget, or Assets except otherwise noted
(must license)
List Single
Support - Enterprise License   TBD 298,200 iSupport $ 50,000 Processor 8 $ 400,000 4 $ 200,000
Support - Restricted Licence, Collections   ??5,600   190,800        
Support Upgrade - Restricted License to Enterprise License 0 0        
Sales TBD 238,500 TeleSales/Sales Online $ 3,995 Application User 196 $ 7??,020 36 $ 143,820
Sales Product Configurator Sales or Order Capture or Order Capture 588,300 98,400        
Marketing   852,450 178,950 Marketing $ 4,995 Application User 196 $ 979,020 36 $ 179,820
FieldService   TBD 298,200 Field Service $ 3,995 Application User 196 $ 783,200 36 $ 143,820
HelpDesk - Enterprise License Metric: Employees TBD 515,850        
HelpDesk - Restricted License, Human Resources Metric: Employees 906,000 334,650        
HelpDesk - Restricted Licence, Information Technol Metric: Employees TBD 45?,250        
HelpDesk - Restricted Licence, Projects Metric: Employees 906,000 334,650        
HelpDesk Upgrade - Restricted Licence to Enterprise Metric: Employees 0 0        
Instruction Management   303,150 71,550        
Support for Customer Self Service Support 50,5?0 12,000        
HelpDesk for Employee Self Service HelpDesk (Metric: Employees) 61,350 22,650        
CTI Integration

? of the following: 1) Support, Enterprise, 2) Support, Restricted Collections, 3) HelpDesk, Enterprise, 4) HelpDesk Restricted HR, 5) HelpDesk Restricted IT, 6) HelpDesk Restricted Projects, 7) ?, 8) ?, 9) Order ?, 10) Telemarketing
303,150 71,550 Advanced Inbound/ Advanced Outbound $ 995 Workstation 196 $ 195,020 36 $ 35,820
Mobile Sales (?) Sales 252,600 59,700 Sales Online $ 3,995 Application User 196 $ 783,020 36 $ 1?3,820
Telemarketing Marketing 50,550 12,000 Marketing $ 4,995 Application User 196 $ 979,020 36 $ 179,820


CRM for ? Services

Support Enterprise License or Support Restricted Collections; Sales, Marketing, Support for Cust Self Service, ?, ?
0 0 CRL Financial Management $ 249,995 Module + ?25/Subscriber            
CRM for ? Support Enterprise License or Support Restricted Collections; Sales Product Configurator, Support for Cust Self Service, Order Capture, Order Capture Self Service (If and where available) 0 0 Network Logistics (Network Asset Tracking) $ 249,995 Module + ?50/Subscriber            
Order Capture (If and where available) 885,600 190,?00        
Order Capture Self Service (If and where available) 885,600 190,?00        
Mobile Field Service Field Service (If and where available) 252,600 59,700 Mobile Field Service $ 1,495 Field Technician 196 $ 293,020 36 $ 53,??0
Quality Management (If and where available) 852,450 178,950        
Online Marketing (? required from ?) ? (If and where available) 852,450 178,950        
Site Marketing (? required from ?) Order Capture Self Service (If and where 671,100 119,250        
Configuration (? acquired from

Support Enterprise License or Support Restricted License; Sales, Order Capture, Order Capture Self Service, Support for Customer Self Service (If and where available)
885,600 190,?00 Configurator $ 150,000 Processor 4 $ 600,000 2 $ 300,000

CRM Analystics (EPM)
(Price Metric: Revenue, Budget, or Assets - except as noted)
  List Single Product          
Customer Scorecard   297,300 34,?00        
Customer Behavior Modeling   673,500 159,000        
CRM Warehouse   673,500 159,000        

Peoplesoft Portals
(Price Metrics: Revenue, Budget or Assets)
  List Single Product          
Enterprise Portal   336,?00 79,500        

Portal Packs
(Price Metrics: Revenue, Budget or Assets)
except otherwise noted
(must license)
List Single
CRM Portal Pack Enterprise Portal 67,400 15,900        
?PM Portal Pack Enterprise Portal 67,400 15,900        
Financial Portal Pack Enterprise Portal 67,400 15,900        
HRMS Portal Pack Price Metric: Employ Enterprise Portal 89,500 33,100        
Supply Chain Portal Pack Enterprise Portal 67,400 15,900        

Enterprise Performance Management
(Price Metrics: Revenue, Budget or Assets)
Prerequisites / ? List Single Product Enterprise Warehouse


People Tools
(Price Metric: Revenue, Budget, or Assets
  List Single
People Tools - Enterprise License Starter Kit Includes up to 5 ? development per kit and 2? components            
People Tools - Enterprise License Includes ? ? ? and compon 768,200 306,700        
People Tools ? Agent Enterprise Development

Includes ? development ? and components. People Tools Enterprise License. Starter Kit or People Tools Enterprise License
(If and where available)
150,400 15,900        



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