P4075-4: Nextel - Financial, HR, Procurement Systems Overhaul Project: Executive Vision Follow-up Session (09/26/2002)

This is a chart which is a representation of the overall collective rankings of all the leading software vendors across identified business functions within Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, and Accounting & Finance.

  • The horizontal axis is labeled "Average Scores"
  • The vertical axis is labeled "Ranking (Lowest - most favorable)". At the bottom of the vertical axis is the number 0.0 and the axis is marked off in .5 intervals to a total of 2.0.
  • The chart consists of three rectangles:
    • The rectangle on the left is labeled "Peoplesoft" and contains the number 1.39.
    • The middle rectangle is labeled "Oracle" and contains the number 1.24.
    • The rectangle on the right is labeled "SAP" and contains the number 1.37.

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Updated August 14, 2015

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