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P4964: PeopleSoft - Internal Plan Letter: Target Corporation

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Target Corporation

June 14, 2003

Timeline: June 30, 2003

Forecast Type:SuperStretch


  • Understand Target's current assessment of our proposed solution to their vision.
  • Formulate an updated sales campaign strategy to improve our position with the key decision makers.
  • Develop a simple and comprehensive proposal for a total solution road map for the Stores, DCs, and Corporate divisions.
  • PeopleSoft Executives present partnership proposal to Bart Butzer, Paul Singer, Dave Biron and Ken Kaiser for Q2 close.

PeopleSoft primary closing activities

  • Re-engage new PeopleSoft team with Target coaches and key committee members
  • Update and build out our current Business Value Proposition
  • Build additional executive level relationships
  • Aggressive competitive analysis comparing PeopleSoft's ability to meet their vision versus Oracle
  • Develop a total solution proposal with risk elimination, and maximum value to Target Corporation

PeopleSoft Executive Management Team

  • Phil Wilmington EVP Americas
  • Steve Winter Midwest MD
  • Kevin Dolan RVP
  • Don Duszynski Midwest PGS MD


Highly Confidential PS-TE2251423



General Timeframe PeopleSoft Contact or Responsibility Customer/Prospect Contact or Responsibility Target Completion Date Status & Comments
PeopleSoft Target SWAT Team meeting to plan attack strategy Jeff Palan/Bob Moerbeck   6/16/03 Team is congregating in Minneapolis in large conference room to prepare weekly plans. Review current documents and deliverables. Assign responsibilities for every event.
Competitive Analysis & Positioning agains Oracle and their recommended partners. Bob Moerbeck/Jason Averbrook Anne Marie Janke/Jim Ostergard 6/18/03  
Implementation Strategy & Proposal w/IBM contingency Karen Pisha/HJ Cho
Don D/Stuart N.
Ken Kaiser 6/18/03 Need to validate with TTS team, Paul Singer and Bart Butzer
Customer HCM & Retail Reference Plan Jason Averbrook Anne Marie Janke & Dave Biron 6/18/03 Version 8, need to understand retail references workforce scheduling and time keeping solutions, and analytics.
Workforce Scheduling and Time and Labor solution to meet Bart's vision Sherri Bartels and HJ Cho Rick Post &
Ken Kaiser
Update Business Case Karen Pisha/Jeff Palan      
Demonstration Plan Kelvin Gray, Christine, Melissa   6/19/03 Need to plan demos for Technology, ELM evaluation, HCM, Analytics w/dashboard, and potentially Kronos or other time keeping system integration.
Funding Process Review Steve Winter Paul Singer 6/19/03  
External Plan Letter completed Jeff P/Dave L. Ken Kaiser 6/17/03 Will update after Ken Kaiser mtg. 6/16.
Executive Alignment Plan completed Steve Winter/Phil Winlington Paul Singer 6/20/03  


Highly Confidential PS-TE2251424



External Influencers Review Jeff Palan/Kevin Dolan Ken Kaiser 6/18/03 Identify potential 3rd party players including IBM, Accenture, Bearing Point, Corio and others.
Funding and BOD Approval Process Understood Steve Winter/Jeff Palan Paul Singer, Mike Rhodes 6/20/03  
Pricing Strategy Jeff Palan/Dave Lagerquist   6/18/03  
Rev Rec Review Jeff Palan/Bill Mcnamara   6/18/03  
Legal Review Jeff Palan/Rachel Wasserman Mike Rhodes 6/20/03  
Prepare Proposal Jeff Palan/Bob Moerbeck   6/19/03  
Present Proposal Steve Winter/Phil Wilmingtion Paul Singer, Bart Butzer 6/20/03 Need toconfirm Target stakeholders and availability. Plan a pre-proposal review with Steve W. and Paul Singer.

External Events with Target

Ken Kaiser meeting Jeff Palan, Bob Moerbeck, Dave L. HJ, Karen Ken Kaiser 6/16/03 Discuss current position, Target players perspectives, Oracle, and plan our events for the week
ELM Demo Dave L. & ? ? 6/18/03 Dave please update the details on the ELM opp.
Revisit key committee members to confirm our solution TBD TBD Week of 6/16/03 Based upon Monday meeting with Ken Kaiser we will plan appropriatey.
Pre-Proposal Review Steve Winter Paul Singer 6/19/03  
Other Demos & Reference checks Kelvin G. Jason A. ? 6/19/03 TBD
Contract Negotiation ** Steve Winter/Jeff Palan Paul Singer/Mike Rhodes Week of 6/23/03  


Highly Confidential PS-TE2251425

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