Plaintiff's Closing Argument Prsentation : U.S., Et Al. V. Oracle Corporation

This image shows a chart which is meant to prove that PeopleSoft's R&D resources are ten times the resources of Lawson.

The image is entitled "PeopleSoft R&D Almost 10x Lawson's R&D".

  • The vertical axis is labeled "Millions R&D" and is numbered beginning with a 0, increasing in increments of 50 to 450.
  • The legend on the far right indicates the purple rectangle in the chart represents PeopleSoft and the pink rectangle in the chart represents Lawson.
  • The purple rectangle is four inches tall and is labeled 420.
  • The pink rectangle is one-half inch tall and is labeled 59.
  • The horizontal axis has no data.
  • Beneath the chart is the following information:
    "PeopleSoft data: Bergquist estimated current spend at $420 million. (Bergquist, 6/8/04, 337:16 - 338:5).
    Lawson data: See P4850, at 16. FY 2003 ($59.1 million)."

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Updated August 14, 2015

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