Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)

The Antitrust Division collects, maintains, and uses personal information on individuals to carry out the agency's mission and to provide services to the public.

By federal law and regulation, privacy issues and protections must be considered for information technology systems that contain personally identifiable information. To fulfill these legal and regulatory obligations, the Antitrust Division uses the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).

By conducting PIAs, the Division ensures that:

  • The information collected is used only for the intended purpose.
  • The information is timely and accurate.
  • The information is protected according to applicable laws and regulations while in the Division's possession.
  • The impact of the information systems on individual privacy is fully addressed.
  • The public is aware of the information that the Division collects and how the information is used.

PIAs are available for the following systems:

GPSS   General Purpose Support Systems
MIS     Management Information Systems

Updated June 25, 2015

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