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Productivity Levers

Productivity Levers
  Sample productivity levers
Increase productivity (revenue/ sales cost)
Increase average deal size
  • Additional feature/functionality
  • Improve initial deal size screening
  • Optimize pricing architecture
  • Up-sell services more aggressively
  • Sell additional modules/users into installed base
X (mathematical symbol for times)

Increase win rate "Effectiveness" levers
  • Improve customer targeting to reduce RFP costs as percent of total sales costs
  • Develop superior feature/functionality for mid- market
  • Improve sales force skill/knowledge
  • Improve marketing/brand effectiveness
/ (mathematical symbol for divided by)

Decrease cost per Deal "Efficiency" levers
  • Alter account coverage model
  • Create new productivity tools (e.g., canned demos)
  • Prequalify accounts
  • Leverage off the shelf demos, presentations

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Updated August 14, 2015