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Public Comment: Donald Steinhauer

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November 16, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:


On your ruling over the Grupo Bimbo buyout of Sara Lee, I was stunned at this ruling that requires Bimbo to

divest the Sara Lee and Earthgrains products in our area, Central California. Do you realize the job loss that will

occur from this ruling over what you call "higher prices" that people will pay for bread in the stores? If the

consumer feels that specific bread is too high they will buy another brand and would still have other choices.


Knowing that this letter by no means will change the outcome of this ruling, I thought that jobs were the focal

point of a lot decisions that are being made in this administration. I hope for my family's well-being that I won't be

one that loses out after being employed with Sara Lee for 20+ years. In respect for what the Department of

Justice does to stop immorality in American businesses and individuals, in this case, job loss that will occur

outweighs the concerns that you have about Bimbo monopolizing. I hope in the coming months I could write you

another letter apologizing to you about this letter.


Reply If You Want,



Donald Steinhauer


Updated August 20, 2015