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Public Comments – Draft Vertical Merger Guidelines

The Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission sought public comment on the draft Vertical Merger Guidelines released on January 10, 2020. The deadline for submitting public comment was February 26, 2020. The public comment period is now closed.

Event: Public Workshops on Draft Vertical Merger Guidelines

Public Comments

DVMG-0051 AIDS Healthcare Foundation

DVMG-0043 Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding et al.

DVMG-0016 American Bar Association Antitrust Law Section

DVMG-0028 American Antitrust Institute

DVMG-0066 American Association of Independent Music

DVMG-0033 American Economic Liberties Project et al.

DVMG-0059 American Pharmacists Association

DVMG-0024 Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

DVMG-0017 Jonathan Baker, Nancy Rose, Steven Salop and Fiona Scott Morton

DVMG-0056 Xavier Becerra et al. (State Attorneys General) (updated)

DVMG-0062 Marissa Beck and Fiona Scott Morton

DVMG-0052 Campaign for Family Farms and the Environment

DVMG-0048 Canadian Bar Association Competition Law Section

DVMG-0049 CAP Economics

DVMG-0021 Center for Democracy and Technology

DVMG-0042 Clifford Chance US LLP

DVMG-0032 Communications Workers of America, Service Employees International Union, the United Food and Commercial Workers, and Change to Win

DVMG-0026 Computer and Communications Industry Association

DVMG-0058 Consumer Reports

DVMG-0050 Consumer Technology Association

DVMG-0041 Daniel Culley

DVMG-0011 Peter Davis, Kostis Hatzitaskos, and W. Robert Majure

DVMG-0047 Dechert LLP

DVMG-0010 Nicholas Economides, John Kwoka, Thomas Philippon, Hal Singer, and Lawrence J. White  (NET Institute)

DVMG-0064 Electronic Frontier Foundation

DVMG-0069 Federal Communications Commission

DVMG-0040 Free State Foundation

DVMG-0053 Martin Gaynor

DVMG-0005 Global Antitrust Institute, Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University

DVMG-0015 Gautam Gowrisankaran, Avigail Kifer, Dina Older Aguilar, and Andrew Sfekas

DVMG-0012 Kostis Hatzitaskos, W. Robert Majure, Ana McDowall, and Aviv Nevo

DVMG-0008 Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

DVMG-0023 International Center for Law & Economics

DVMG-0003 Jonathan Jacobson

DVMG-0003-2 Jonathan Jacobson

DVMG-0001 Simon Loertscher and Leslie Marx

DVMG-0027 Joel Mitnick and Nhoc Hulbig

DVMG-0018 Serge Moresi and Steven Salop

DVMG-0029 John Morris and Lona Fowdur

DVMG-0009 National Community Pharmacists Association

DVMG-0025 National Association of Manufacturers

DVMG-0034 National Farmers Union

DVMG-0013 NetChoice

DVMG-0060 North Dakota Farmers Union

DVMG-0057 Omidyar Network

DVMG-0031 Open Markets Institute, the American Economic Liberties Project, and Professors Frank Pasquale and Maurice Stucke

DVMG-0039 Organization for Competitive Markets

DVMG-0004 Sanjukta Paul  and Marshall Steinbaum

DVMG-0046 Physicians Advocacy Institute

DVMG-0063 Public Knowledge and Open Technology Institute

DVMG-0030 Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

DVMG-0068 William Rogerson

DVMG-0020 Michael A. Salinger

DVMG-0037 Jonathan Sallet


 Steven Salop

DVMG-0019 Richard M. Scheffler et al.


 Carl Shapiro

DVMG-0014 David Sibley and Gleb Domnenko

DVMG-0061 South Dakota Farmers Union

DVMG-0036 Sean P. Sullivan and Henry Su

DVMG-0065 TechFreedom

DVMG-0006 Michael Trost

DVMG-0022 Truth on the Markets Symposium

DVMG-0007 United States Chamber of Commerce

DVMG-0055 United States Council for International Business

DVMG-0038 Gopal Das Varma and Martino De Stefano

DVMG-0044 Verizon

DVMG-0002 Gregory Werden and Luke Froeb

DVMG-0054 Wisconsin Farmers Union

DVMG-0035 Koren Wong-Ervin

DVMG-0045 Writers Guild of America West

DVMG-0067 Christopher Yoo

Privacy and confidentiality: Written submissions and the identity of the submitter may be disclosed, reproduced, and distributed by publication and/or posting on the Department of Justice website, at the discretion of the Department of Justice. Information that is submitted in connection with this event cannot be maintained as confidential by the Department of Justice. Written submissions should not include any information that the submitting person seeks to preserve as private or confidential.

Updated August 29, 2023