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QUALCOMM Business Model - Technology Enable

This is an image describing the QUALCOMM Business Model - Technology Enabler.

From the left, a picture of a light bulb labeled Innovate. Two arrows point to the right from Innovate. The upper arrow points to a picture of a QUALCOMM computer chip. The lower arrow points to a picture of a document labeled Generate IPR. An arrow from the computer chip, labeled Chip Sales, points to the right to a picture labeled Manufacturer. An arrow from Generate IPR labeled License also points to the right to Manufacturer. Under Manufacturer is an arrow pointing down and to the left, labeled Revenue, to a picture labeled R&D. From R&D is an arrow, labeled New Idea, pointing up to Innovate. From Manufacturer, an arrow points right to a picture of a building labeled Operator. Under this arrow is an arrow pointing to the left, from Operator to Manufacturer. These two arrows are labeled Manufacturer Revenues. To the right of Operator is an arrow, labeled Operator Revenues, pointing to the left from a picture of a man labeled Subscriber.

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Updated June 25, 2015