Slide 9, Image 5

Slide 9, Image 5

A screen shot of Vision Enterprises application.

The top of the screen shows unreadable icons, a url address, Vision Enterprises logo, Welcome message, date, and four icons with links for Customize, Navigation, Help and Logout.

The bottom part of the page shows several tabs (the one being displayed is unreadable). The tab information is shows in two columns.

The first colum contains an unidentified personal text field and links for Navigation, Order to Cash Execution, Order to Cash Backlog, Order to Cash Cycle Time.

The second column contains an Order to Cash Summary in table format and a an bar chart for an unreadable type of Volume.

The screen shot is marked with words as follows: Third Party Data above the first column; Navigation for the personal text field and navigation links; Favorites for the remaining categories under the first column.

On the second column the words Data Portlets have been added to the table display.

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Updated August 14, 2015

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