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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1

Globalization and its Implications for Antitrust Cooperation and Enforcement

Chapter 2

Multijurisdictional Mergers: Facilitating Substantive Convergence and Minimizing Conflict

Chapter 3

Multijurisdictional Mergers: Rationalizing the Merger Review Process Through Targeted Reform

Chapter 4

International Anticartel Enforcement and Interagency Enforcement Cooperation

Chapter 5

Where Trade and Competition Intersect

Chapter 6

Preparing for the Future


Annex 1-A                    Separate Statement of Advisory Committee Member Eleanor M. Fox

Annex 1-B                    Biography of Members
                                    List of Advisory Committee Public Meetings and Hearings
                                    Advisory Committee Hearings Programs

Annex 1-C                    U.S. Experience With International Antitrust Enforcement Cooperation

Annex 2-A                    HSR Filing and Enforcement Statistics

Annex 2-B                    Transactions Reported Under HSR Involving a Foreign
                                       Acquiring Person or a Foreign Acquired Entity

Annex 2-C                    Worldwide Antitrust Merger Notification Systems

Annex 2-D                    Model Waivers of Confidentiality Protections

Annex 2-E                    Model Framework for Policy Statements

Annex 3-A                    Filing Fees of Selected Jurisdictions

Annex 3-B                    The Relationship Between Antitrust Agencies and Sectoral Regulators

Annex 4-A                    U.S. International Cartel Prosecutions During the 1990s

Annex 4-B                    U.S. Corporate Leniency Program and Antitrust
                                      Penalties in Select Jurisdictions

Annex 4-C                    Anticartel Enforcement in Canada and Japan

Annex 5-A                    Summary of Outbound Restraint Cases

Annex 6-A                    U.S. Antitrust Technical Assistant Programs

Updated June 25, 2015

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