Table Of Product And Service Bundles

Table of product and service bundles
Modules Manufacturing Distribution Asset-intensive Project-oriented/ Knowledge mgmt. Public Sector Fixed price Per concurrent user
• FinancialsUnreadable  
• Basic HRUnreadable  
• PayrollUnreadable  
• ManufacturingUnreadable      
• MRP/DRPUnreadable      
• Production Sched ProcessUnreadable      
• Demand PlanningUnreadableUnreadable     
• Demand CollaborationUnreadableUnreadable     
• Core DistributionUnreadableUnreadable     
• Warehouse ManagementUnreadableUnreadable     
• Transportation ManagementUnreadableUnreadable     
• Property Management  Unreadable Unreadable  
• Enterprise Asset Mgmt.  Unreadable Unreadable  
• Project Management   Unreadable   
• Knowledge Management   Unreadable   
Potential industry tailoringCPG: (SFA, MA, New Product Design, Discrete production, etc.)                      
Consulting ServicesFixed Price Consulting one potential service line for mid-market
(Handwritten note: PSolution Kits, Value, Time to Solution)
Training and MaintenanceConfigure to Order Training  

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Updated August 14, 2015

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