Technical Assistance Workshop: Bio Of Csaba Kovacs

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Csaba Kovacs

Csaba Kovacs is Head of Section, Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH). He was trained as an economist at the University of Economic Sciences in Budapest, where he received his diploma in 1992. He has been serving within the Hungarian Competition Authority since 1992 (one year after the authority started to operate). During these years, he gained experience not only in Hungarian competition law application but also in EU and U.S. competition policy by trainings as well as medium term visits and traineeships organized by sister competition authorities (as part of their technical assistance programs) in Brussels, Washington, DC, and Chicago, Illinois.

He has been the head of the Competition Policy Section of the GVH since 1997. This section is responsible for theoretical and methodological issues, including policy analysis, trainings, and competition policy R&D. It also used to be responsible also for competition advocacy and reports to Parliament. In the last half decade he was involved also as a provider side of technical assistance, participating in programs organized by the U.S. federal antitrust authorities, the OECD, and the GVH.

Updated June 25, 2015

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